Cure Me

When Harry's management decides that he has to help a person in need Harry meets a girl with leukaemia who's given 5 months to live.. but what does he do when he falls in love with this person in need?


1. 5 Months

"Kierha we have to give you bad news" the doctor said looking at his clip board and back down to me "yeah what?" i said almost on the verge of tears "Im afraid you've been given 5 months to live" the doctor said putting his hand on mine "Im sorry" "its okay you didn't do this to me" i said looking away and crying "Ill leave you then.." the doctor said walking out the door. 

"Knock knock" i turned to see my nurse at the door "hey Victoria" i said smiling and looking at her as she walked in and sat next to my bed "I heard the bad news and im so sorry" "its okay its not your fault" i said starting to cry again "but i do have a surprise for you" she said taking out a piece of paper and showing me a picture of harry styles from one direction "This boy here do you know him?" "yeah i know him like everyone does hes huge but im not really a fan myself why?" she frowned "oh i was hoping you are cause he's coming to visit you tomorrow" "what no i don't want any one to see me like this Vic im ugly and i just no" she looked down at his picture then back up to me "well just see how it goes okay?" "yeah i cant wait" i said sarcasticly  then looking at my drawing book as she walked away,

"okay kierha im going to give you your last needle of the day and then you can go to bed alright" the doctor said looking at me i just nodded and turned my head away so i didn't have to see it hurt but i was use to pain by now i just took and then went to sleep.

"Hey Kierha" Victoria said walking through the door "Hey what's for breakfist today?" i asked her crossing my arms and laughing "Harry's coming today" she said smiling like a fangirl "OH MY GOD i never saw it till now your a fangirl" i said laughing and pointing at her "shut up okay im already jealous of you" she said smiling and i looked at her angrily "Jealous of me look at me im a vegetable and you can walk and talk and everything i just lay her, ill never be able to experience love ever in my life and I've always wanted to fall in love and have kids and live in a big old house in the country so my kids don't always want everything they see cause all they will have is the outdoors so your jealous of me that's sad"  she looked at me wide eyes "Im so sorry Kierha i didnt mean to-" "its fine" i said fake smiling then opening my drawing book back up.

"Kierha you had a vistor" Victoria said smiling at me "I don't want a visitor" i snapped back as she turned and looked at harry and i could hear every thing she was saying "Kierha just dosent like talking to people because of how she is right now" "oh should i come back later?" "we will give her ten minutes and then you can meet her shes usally great" "im sure" he responded back..

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