Cure Me

When Harry's management decides that he has to help a person in need Harry meets a girl with leukaemia who's given 5 months to live.. but what does he do when he falls in love with this person in need?


14. 12 days.

I smiled cause i knew i derved this.. i deserved love.. i deserved Harry Styles and life with him i didnt deserve to die but i was going to.. i didnt want to but i had to.. I Loved and Ive lost so why do i have to give up the fight now.. cant i have a chance or something? 

Tomorrow Harry was leaving.. and i was expected to die in approximently 12 days.. 

"Kierha?" i shook my head than looked over on my bed side and saw harry he just woke up we both went for a nap "Hey" i said smiling "what were you thinking about?" he asked me smiling "nothing" i said smiling back "please tell me?" he said with a puppy dog face "i was thinking about how cute you would look all dressed up" i said smiling with no teeth just a plan smile "no you werent i can tell" he said serious "please tell me kierha?" he said worried "Harry ill tell you when im ready okay?" "okay" he said quietly "im sorry" i said shyly and he just leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek "thats fine" he said smiling "could get me some water please?" i asked him nicely and nodded "of coarse" he said standing up.

*Dear Diary, 

Im eaxpected to die soon, but how do i tell harry? this is so hard this is one of the hardest things ive ever had to go through and i dont know what to say or what to do and... I would ever imbark this pain on anyone having to watch them die, id die when he nor anyone else was around because that is proper and that is how i save his feelings*

I looked around the room than put my diary away after writing in it. Was i ready to die was i ready to give up my only love? No 


i love harry and i want to be here as long as i can and as long as i am here i will spend as much time as i can with him cause i do... I love him.

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