You are not perfect.

Historien er skrevet på en aften, jeg ikke havde noget at lave.


1. You are not perfect.

You are not perfect. When he said it was my heart crushed. I ran and ran. I wept and wept. Until i got home. There were making my little brother slept enough. I just wanted to get away. I came into the house. I was thinking just get away. But how? I would take a bath. I am not perfect. But why am I so here? What have I here? I can take everywhere. But I may not be perfect. My heart is crushed. What should I do? I sit here on the toilet and crying.There is no sense with? What is the meaning of life if it is not perfect? Maybe I am who I am. But why should he say it? My life is not perfect. But why am I here? Maybe I am special. I do it here. I will die here. I looked at my little brother who slept. I kissed him on the forehead. I found a knife. I stroke my finger over the knife. I found my red lipstick until I started writing on the mirror "I am perfect now?" I looked at the knife. Without I thought over it was knife in my breast. I sank together on Earth. Since it went up for me what I had done was I dead.




Jeg vil ikke skrive mere. Da historien bare er en enkel fortælling.

Jeg er kun 10 år gammel. Men det skal i da ikke tænke på. x3

Jeg har ikke fået hjælp eller brugt internettet. Men min hjerne.


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