my angels

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  • Published: 25 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2012
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This is a poem about an elderly women reflecting on her life, it's a poem that is meant for her daughters.


2. my life

let me tell you a bit about where you came from,

you see when I was about thirteen years of age,

your grandma; my mum use to get me to do chores,

I would wash the dishes and hang the laundry,

until when I was sixteen and I got engage,


life was hectic after that,

my mum kept shouting at me,

saying that I made the wrong  decision,

that I would've been better off getting pregnant,

of course, if I were actually pregnant she tell me to get rid of the baby,


I told my fiancee,

how she said nasty  things and that she thinks that we were crazy,

he pull me close; tells me to forget everything she said,

he said that he always wants to be with me and not even my mum can hold him back,

we go home and makes dinner, while I stand holding a candy cherry,


when I was twenty,

we got married; it was  in a small white chapel outside the town, rode off on two chestnut horse,

mum came in her sunday best; she was smiling but I could tell she didn't want to come,

I walked down the aisle in my beautiful wedding dress,

afterwards me and your dad went to paris for our honeymoon; on the last day we went to a local bakery

where there was a patiserrie course,

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