theres all these animals in a forest and they are trying to prevent the humans destroying thier homes and families...



BANG went a gun in the dark deep woods, all the animal leaders gathered around a huge table inside an even bigger room in the kings castle BANG, BANG. what shall we do said the animals and so the king said well how did it all start. well it all started when the spider started to fight with the millipedes and the dung beetles were arguing with the ants and all of this over nothing. it soon got so annoying that the king decided to banish them all to the humans town to learn some manners. now what do you think that they did? they started to fight over nothing again. they were good and took it all down to the sewers but the pipes down there burst and so there were ants and millipedes and dung beetles and spiders coming out from every hole in the bathrooms of all the humans houses. the humans were so annoyed they decided to gather a load of people and cut down all the trees in the woods and kill all the animals there too. now the humans have just destroyed almost every tree in the woods and most of the animals are dead. so the king said that all the animals left would have to move the deep dark scary forest of gloom and doom. but said the lace wing. we cant move there we will be killed the spider didn't you hear the stories from our great great ansestores aparentely there is an animal so fierce down there that if stepped a foot in there it would kill you there and then, said the frog. not very true but there is an animal down there that would kill you though but we would be the first ever animals to step foot in there do you know why? the king said to the dung beetles the spiders the millipedes and the ants...  NO said all those animals WHY. why would we be the first? and so the king said BECAUSE none of the ansesters that we had NEVER fought or got angry......................................................




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