live while we're young...

sammy and caty are going to miami to help forget the horrid road they just went through. They arn't big one direction fans but end up meeting them. Will they like them fall for them or just try to make everything go away. Can they keep a big secrete or wil it blow out to everyone? Take a risk and read Live while we're young to find out al the secretes lies and horrible past. This book Is by Julia


13. messages

Sammy's POV

liam walks in and kisses me and says " she is so sweet she doesn't mean it she will forget anyway. I nod and look at the text again. " are you alright?" liam asked. i sit there and think no i can't tell him so i will nod. I nodded and said " i am happy that we are together.


Caty's POV

harry and I are downstairs and i am just dead silent. what happened to me tonight was the most scaryest thing ever. harry puts his arm around me and says " here lets go to bed." he picked me up and put me on his bead and layed next to me. he stroked my hair and whispered in my ear " you are safe tonight with me I prommisse." I smile and turn to face him. he smiles and then kisses me and I am just happy that i have him. he smiles at me and says " tomorrow we are going to the beach." i smile and say " I know about one direction". he sits up and says " are you a fan?" " wasn't at first but now i am". he smiles and says " i can love you more then this.. love you more then this." I drift to sleep with harry's arms around me.

Sammy's POV

from: I see you and I would watch your back -A

from: Look out your window... -A

I get up and see a shadow of someone standing there. I freak out and fall and cut my hand. Liam stares at me and says " oh god are you ok?" he grabs a band aid and I give him my phone. he reads the messages and says " who is sendin this?" i shrug and say " you need to lock all the doors and please stay with me." he nods and tells the boys to lock the doors and window's" we hear a knock at the door and niall gets a back and opens it and we can't believe what we saw.

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