live while we're young...

sammy and caty are going to miami to help forget the horrid road they just went through. They arn't big one direction fans but end up meeting them. Will they like them fall for them or just try to make everything go away. Can they keep a big secrete or wil it blow out to everyone? Take a risk and read Live while we're young to find out al the secretes lies and horrible past. This book Is by Julia


41. i can't

Sammy's POV

I have to tell him. I sit down and cry and he gets up and says " whats wrong?" I look at his sensitive eyes and say " I can't Marry you" I loo down and he loos at me.


Liam's POV

" you what?" I stare at her and feel this burning pain in my chest and just sit there and all i can say is " why?"






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