live while we're young...

sammy and caty are going to miami to help forget the horrid road they just went through. They arn't big one direction fans but end up meeting them. Will they like them fall for them or just try to make everything go away. Can they keep a big secrete or wil it blow out to everyone? Take a risk and read Live while we're young to find out al the secretes lies and horrible past. This book Is by Julia


25. down town

Caty's POV

jack and I walk to the nathen hotdogs stand first and grab food, he pays for some reason. we walk down the streets and see a beautiful sunset glare on the buildings. it was like a picture and we were in it. we finnally get to the recording studio and I record a album you have only one life. i recorded a song and then say good bye to jacks dad and walk out. " this was so fun!" I squele and he says " to bad you have to go" I smile and then he kisses me. i move away quickly and say " stop! I cant right now". he stares at the ground and says " I am sorry" well at least he apoligized.


Harry's POV

I finnally see caty and I just can't believe my eyes she is KISSING a guy. I am about to turn away but then i see her yell at him. I get out of the car and listen to the conversation. " listen my boyfriend said he loves me and now he doesn't and I can't do this, it was our freaking anerversry!" she says and i just think wow this hurt her alot. even though i didn't. I slowly walk out of the shadows of the buildings and say " Caty?" she turns around and starts to walk away with tears. Then the boy that was kissing my girlfriend was coming towards me. " you broke her heart like you will ever get back together with her". I walk past himand grab Caty's arm, " that text was sent by someone I don't know there was more parts to it look". I show her the message and then hear a boom. it starts to rain and I say " I would never ever want to hurt you". i kind of shout over the rain. "i am so sorry Harry i just thought". she cries and then looks down at the ground. " it is ok I wouuld of been hurt too". i say. she lifts her head up and i lean in and kiss her. it was slow and perfect except for the fact that the boy was right there. " so you are just going to forgive him!?" he yells and I break away and we look at him and Caty says " yes! it was my fault!" he comes over and says " well you know what I love you! I know it is crazy but it is true!" my jaw drops and hers does too she looks over at me and then looks at him and says " I don't love you I love him". she says and i smile. "you are a slut!" he yells at her and then I run over and punch him in the nose grab caty and jump in my car. he lays there in the rain and then I drive away.

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