live while we're young...

sammy and caty are going to miami to help forget the horrid road they just went through. They arn't big one direction fans but end up meeting them. Will they like them fall for them or just try to make everything go away. Can they keep a big secrete or wil it blow out to everyone? Take a risk and read Live while we're young to find out al the secretes lies and horrible past. This book Is by Julia


2. Don't fall for him....

*Sammy's POV*

I see caty talking to this boy and I am just trying to read him. Oh and trust me he was easy to read, hits on every pretty girl and tries to sleep with her. Well he looks familiar and then I look down at the magiziene I picked up from the plane that said the hottest boy band One Direction, which had a bio on each o them.  I quickly notice the boy that my sister was talking to and it said he was FAMOUS, AND THE BIGEST FLIRT! ha I was right he is just another stuck up boy who flirts with everyone. I stare at him and he relizes it and says good-bye and walks away. I grab my bags and roll it on the floor and walk up to my sister and say " do not fall for his shit! got It!" she stares at me and says " he is nice and sweet and so charming" I hold up the magazine and say " HE IS ALSO FAMOUS!" " He will push you right back to another girl instead of the love of his life after he gets what he wants". she stares at me and says " this vaction is sappoused to fun to get away from.. you know and just let me make my own dessisons". she is right and I can't be the mom anymore she is 17 and I am 18 she needs to make her dessisons and mess up along the way. " your right" i can't believe I just said that. " what?! did you just say I am right!" she squeals with excitement and I gulp and nod and say " lets go to our taxi now". I slumply walk over to the taxi and get in it while Caty was telling the driver who spoke no english where to go. while I sit there worried.

Harry's POV

I sit there remebering thouse beautiful baby blue eyes and silky wavy blond hair. she was one beautiful girl. I am still thinking about her then I sit there zoned out until louis snaps his finger in front of me and I flutter my eyes and he says " you alright lad?" I sigh and say " yea Im good". they all look at eachother and say " ok who is the lady". I shot them with all looks and say " what are you talking about". even though they completely read me like a book.  louis starts to talk and says " one, whenever you think about a girl you zone out". Niall finishes his sentence and says " two, you are quit" . and then louis says " and three. you smile evrytime you think about a girl."  wow they truly know me. " well her name is Caty and she is going to be staying next store to us so we can have them over,Oh I was wondering if we could go to the beach with them". They all shot up and said " them?"  I smile and say " yea she has a sister that looks like her but has blue green eyes instead of blue". Niall and zayn are smiling and all I can think about is this is going to be interesting. We finnaly get to the house and it is beautiful. I look to the left to see if the girls were here and yes! they just arrived. i see Caty step out and Try to carry her bags. The boys mouths drop when they see them they were both very attractive and looked liked they neede help. I ran over there and saw Caty trying to lift up the bags. I grab the bag and she looks up and says " hey"  I smile and say " hey you need help?" She nods and we go inside to her room. I am not going to pull anything on her because it would be way to soon. she puts all her cloths away and says " I am going to get changed for the beach". I looked confused at her and then say " oh yea go ahead". she rushes to the bathroom and comes out in 1 secound with a baby blue bathing suite on which matches her eyes and piolet glasses. she smiles and says " here I am" I smile and pick her up.i put her down and say " sorry" I told myself not to try anything. she smiles and walks down stairs and her sister is already dressed in her bathing suit . The boys were down there and started alredy fighting over her attention. She looked like she liked it though.

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