live while we're young...

sammy and caty are going to miami to help forget the horrid road they just went through. They arn't big one direction fans but end up meeting them. Will they like them fall for them or just try to make everything go away. Can they keep a big secrete or wil it blow out to everyone? Take a risk and read Live while we're young to find out al the secretes lies and horrible past. This book Is by Julia


23. are you here? Answer me!

Sammy's POV

i sit there in shock at zayn's lifeles body, tears weld my eyes and my heart is broken into to two. it has been a week, he has no answer deaad silent. Harry and Caty sitting next to eachother while she is hugging harry. Liam comfurts me and says " you are ok don't worry". " No i am not, someone i care about is probbably dead and now i don't know!" I ahot at him and push my hair back and hear a knock. the doctor comes in and takes zayn to the opperating room. we sit there for 4 hours and wait for him to vome out, he has one leg and i just put my head into liam and say " i think he loved me". my sister and says " no shit". i laugh and say " thanks".  caty and harry are pretty serious about there relationship it is really cute i love harry, he is my brother. i lok at zayn again.. stairing into his dark eyes and just praying he is ok.


Zayn's Pov

my leg it is Gone!! i am just shocked it had to go. now i just need to wake up, i feel my heart slow down then speed up then slow down, am i going to die? no! i can't.. i need to stay strong, open your eyes do it you do it. mhy eyes shot open and I breathe and say " oh man my leg it is gone!" everyone hugs me and says " i am sorry". meenwhile i should be apoligizeing. " Caty i am sorry you are beautiful and sexy and just gorgeous you are lovly and.." " ok lad stop hitting on my girl". harry interuptsa and i laugh and she says " forgive you. then she kisses harry and louis says " get a room". I laugh and say " sammy i am mad in love for you and I am just so sorry". sammy stands there and then i turn to liam and say " I am sorry for kissing you girl". he smiles and says " no hard feelings, but if you do it again i will hurt you". i laugh and wait for sammy. " i forgive you but not fully trust you." i sit ther and think wow

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