Stuck like glue

Once you fall In love, you feel as though you and him/her are stuck like glue


3. Movies....

We both awkwardly walked out to his living room, I sat with my back straight and my hands clenched in my lap. The movie began playing when I finally blurted out" I'm really scared of horror movies"!
Harry grasped my two hands and held them up to his lips and sorta giggled "it's ok babe I'll hold your hand"
"will you?"I replied in a flirty voice
"yes, and i'll cover your eyes at the scary parts"he returned with a smile.
"alright then let's play this thing" he came and suprisingly sat by me but that's not all he wrapped his arms firmly around my hips and pulled me next to him and led us both down. I snuggled in, I mean his body was so soft and warm. What else was I supposed to do? Lay there awkwardly straight? I glanced up at him and once again he was doing that irresistible slanted smile. I sunk into his arms, to make sure that even if it was only at this moment, that he was mine.....
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