Stuck like glue

Once you fall In love, you feel as though you and him/her are stuck like glue


6. First date

*one week later* "Danielle, can you come down for a minute"Harry called
I walked into the kitchen and Harry looked a bit nervous.
"vas happenin babe"I asked
He grasped my hips and pulled me in close.
"we haven't had an official first date yet Hun, and i think that if you want I could take you out somewhere special"
"alright"the smile grew on my face "like where?" I questioned
" I can't tell you yet I want it to be a surprise ok?"
"alright, how about you pick me up at 7:00 on Friday "
"sounds good to me baby" harry flirted back. He began to look anxious and I know what he He very quickly grabbed my face and literally kissed every inch of it with his soft irresistible lips. I jumped on his back and he ran around the house with me. When I'm with him i feel like I belong in this world and here in his arms is where I want to be. He swung me around and threw me on the couch followed by him leaning over me kissing my face. His hands were clutched firmly against my hip, he struggled to turn the light off. I snatched the blanket and laid it flat over us we slept their for the rest of the day
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