Stuck like glue

Once you fall In love, you feel as though you and him/her are stuck like glue


2. At his house

We climbed up the steps of this beautiful brick house as he announced"this it it".
I opened my mouth and admitted " it's gorgeous" in a soft voice. I took pof my shoes and be led me through his house. We finally reached the guest room where I would be sleeping. He slowly closed the door and left down the stairs. I stood there staring at this sky blue painted room. I dropped my purse on the bed and went into the bathroom and cleaned my self up as I was just about finished I heard a slight knock ont he door as a voice said here is your pj's the door quickly closed and a large rolling stones t-shirt fell to the floor. I grabbed it and changed into it. I made my way down the stairs very quietly when as I just about reached the last stair Harry jumped out at me and yelled "BOO!!" I nearly had a heart attack. Harry clutched his stomach and chuckled in the cutest laugh I could of possibly heard. Breathing heavily I choked out" that was not funny". I looked up at him as he looked down at me. I got caught in his beautiful blue/grey eyes. That was officially the first time I looked directly at him. He began to go into my lips. I admit I was tempted.....but no, I couldn't, then you know that voice in your head that tells you not to do something? Well that little voice screamed YOLO!!! I grasped his soft dark brown curls and pulled his lips into mine. After about 30 seconds I got up the will power to go up for air. Now he was breathing heavily to as he asked "do you like horror movies"?
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