Stuck like glue

Once you fall In love, you feel as though you and him/her are stuck like glue


9. After the engagement

The ring was a beautiful 6 carat diamond, every time the light hit it sparkled within the sun. The band was gold and had little rain drops engraved in it symbolizing the first day we the rain.
"I can't describe my love for this boy. Over the short period of time I knew him I felt as though we were ment to be. And i am so thrilled that he asked me to marry him. We are like fireworks, we are bursting into the sky every second, we are like peanut butter and jelly, boring on its own but when we're put together its a genius recipe. No matter what we go through I will love him 'till the end and after the end. All I have to say is we're.........stuck like glue" I read through my wedding vows with a bright smile on my face. It was perfect.
It's been 3 months since we got engaged and we had our whole wedding planned out and was tomorrow. Our wedding was going to be outside on the palm tree beach, my dress was white, strapless and draped from the waist down and had a big bow on the back. Both of our family friends etc were coming......
I smiled as I ran my fingers through my hair, my smile was humonguse, I must of resembled a little girl receiving a new Barbie doll. I breathed and took it all in, as Harry came up behind me and wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed me quick on my left cheek. I struggled to turn over the vows so he didn't notice. Luckily, he didn't.
"it's 12:00 babe, you should get some sleep"
"alright" I agreed followed by a yawni stuck the vows in the drawer and started to make my way upstiairs, before I could react Harry lifted me up and held me against his warm body. He layed me in his bed and snuggled me in close, really close. My stomach turned with nervousness until I eventually fell asleep with my head against harry's chest.
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