Stuck like glue

Once you fall In love, you feel as though you and him/her are stuck like glue


1. The beginning of it all

I sat there on the scorching hot sand, crying, heartbroken and my sure what to do with myself. Why? Because I I just caught my boyfriend with another girl at our meeting spot, the palm tree beach. We used to meet there every Saturday in the evening, but this time it was more than the two of us....... I trudged home with my hands tightly pressed against my eyes. My sleeves were soaked with sadness and I was a mess. Suddenly, my knees went weak and I broke down in tears right there in the darkness of the night on the rain soaked grass. I could barely breathe when I felt a presence behind me. A soft warm hand grazed my neck and pushed back my hair from my blood red face. Who could this be?? Next thing I knew, the words "whats wrong babe" we're spoken in a deep heavinly British accent. I glanced up to see the most beautiful slanted smile I hav ever seen in my life. But this smile was not familiar to me and I know anyone could read the fear On my face. I guess he could to because he whispered in my ear something I could barely hear but could still make out something like "don't be frightened I'll be your hero". He slowly reached out his hand and motioned for me to take it. He looked harmless. So I took It, I could feel the warmth of his hand send chills down my spine. He held me close to his burning chest and I laid my head on his shoulder and he mounted his coat on my shoulders."I don't think we have been properly introduced, my names Harry and yours?"he spoke. My voice shook as I murmured" Danielle".
"Well, danielle you can come stay at my place with me if you would like?"
I was always told not to go with strangers but I was cold, wet and desperate plus he seemed sweet so he held me close and we started to walk in the pouring rain.
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