Just a broken girl.

Charlotte is a 17 year old who gets abused buy the people she believed were her parents, she has never seen or been outside. But all this is about to change when she finds a price of paper, but has her life changed for better or for worse?.


2. The search.

The walls that now surrounded me where cream and seemed more relaxing than my bright red walls, but I suppose the red descieses the blood splatteres. I wondered around untill I came into a buisness looking room, it had papers scattered all over the brown desk and floor. I started my search here and hoped that they didn't come home early, my hands found there way into the draws but nothing caught my attention, so I moved onto the wardrobe and inside was a small box labelled "Charlotte" my heart was pounding, had i really found it? To My disappointment I found it empty, maybe it's already out, my heart was pounding and my ears alert incase they came home. It had been an hour and I had nothing, I was heading over to the door when something out the corner of my eye caught my attention, I picked up the ancient looking piece of paper and at the top it had "Police give up on finding missing Charlotte" was about to read it when shouting filled my ears, they were home, I ran full speed down the stone steps into my room and made sure the paper was hidden in my pocket well as I slipped my hand back into the rope and layed down. Maybe if I pretend to be asleep they won't hurt me? But as their footsteps came closer I realised that was never going to happen, the door flung open and a drunk Damon tumbled in closely followed by a more drunk looking Verity. " You little brat, no one likes you, just go die!" Damon yelled while slapping me round the face, I have to admit it did hurt but I have learnt by now that if you cry or moan the beatings will get more harder and frequent.
" Yeah why are you not gone yet, do you need a little help!?" silence filled the air.
"ANSWER HER!!" Damon shouted making me flinch,
"No thank you, I will go soon Miss Verity" I replied, I hated having to say things like that but it's better than more beatings. They soon left and I read the crumbled newspaper page and the first line was enough to make me pack my bags and look for a way out, as I had a good feeling for once:
Charlotte Alice Payne, sister of Liam Payne, Daughter of Geoff and Karen Payne went missing 12th September 1999 a day before her birthday.
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