Just a broken girl.

Charlotte is a 17 year old who gets abused buy the people she believed were her parents, she has never seen or been outside. But all this is about to change when she finds a price of paper, but has her life changed for better or for worse?.


1. In a cupboard like room.

Damon slammed the door shut behind him and once again I, Charlie Keenon, was alone, trapped and cold. The blood started to soak through my old, stained shirt and even before I had looked at it I knew it was quite deep. I grabbed a bandage from under my broken mattress and applied it carefully to my thigh, avoiding my other scars and bruises, and let out a sigh. I wondered what the weather was like outside, whether there was a park nearby where carefree children run around playing tag, and adults sit and have a convesation with others about nothing in particular. Yes I am 17 and I have never been outside, Damon and Verity never let me go anywhere but the cupboard like room I sleep in which has a bathroom coming off of it. Another door slammed then silence filled the air. They were off to the pub which means I could start my search, I slipped my battered hand out of the rope which was used to make me stay in my "room" and then fiddled with the lock until the door flung open, then I stepped into the hallway for the first time.
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