So for this story I'm gonna reverse it. The girl character named Sadie is a singer and Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn are huge fans of her. They go to one of her concerts and they get to meet her❤.


6. Remembering

I pulled out my phone and showed her a video of one of her concerts. I showed a picture of us hanging out. Puts he say in her bed and banged her head against the wall. She jumped on my lap and hugged me. All of the sudden her eyes went blank and fell backwards. I ran up to her and saw she was unconsuios. The doctor came in and gave her a needle. She stood up slowly and hugged me. The doctor took her hospital wristband off her. I carried her to my car and set her down. I walked to the other side and got in as she did. I drove her to my house and when we got out her phone rang. She jumped and answered. "Hello? Mm hhm. K." She said and hung up. "Concert!" I cheered and she hopped on my back. I carried her inside and dropped her on the couch.

Sadie's point of view I stood back up and ran upstairs. I wiped my makeup off and went to the bathroom. I went back down and got in my car as I waved to Niall. I drove to the center and walled backstage. My stylist handed me my white stripe outfit and I changed. I sat in my makeup chair. She put fake lashes on and every possible makeup type. She then put glue on my lashes and stuck fake ones on. She walked away as I heard fans coming in. I grabbed my guitar and headed out. I sang and sang and got to my last song. "His eyes shine in the su-" I cut off as my mind shut down and I fell into blackness. Niall POV I watched in horror as she fell off the stage. Her eyes were blank and I assumed she was having a blackout. I shoved through the three layers of fans and stopped in the front. Luckily the fans caught her. I picked her up bridal style and climbed on stage. "I'm sorry this is the end of the concert.." I said into her mich. I ran backstage and and set her on the couch. I ran back out and took her guitar and mich. I put them down and stroked her cheek.
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