So for this story I'm gonna reverse it. The girl character named Sadie is a singer and Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn are huge fans of her. They go to one of her concerts and they get to meet her❤.


8. One Direction

"YOU CAN NOW ONLY DATE ANOTHER SINGER AND THAT IS MY FINAL DESCISION!" He yelled. I nodded and stood up as the belt was removed. "Do you mind?" I asked nodding to my hands in the table. He yanked them off and I pulled Niall over to my makeup table. "I'm sorry we have to break up." I said and winked. He left and I pretended to delete his number. I waved and left the concert place. I caught up with Niall and led him to my van. I drove him to my house and called his four best friends over. They came and we all sat at the dining room table. "So I'll sing you my idea to make you famous singers." I said. "Your insecure don't know what for, your turning heads when you walk thought the door." I sang. They nodded and I wrote it down. "How bout, Don't need makeup to cover up, being the way that you are is enough." Zayn sang. I wrote that down and took all there ideas. Finally forty minutes later I wrote down the finall word. I grabbed my guitar and played the notes. The boys started singing. We finished the song and cheered. "We are all going in one direction, to the top." Harry said. "Call yourselves One Direction!" I said. They all agreed and I wrote it above their song. I recorded them singing it and Niall also playing the guitar. All of the sudden I blanked and fell backwards out of my chair. Liams POV she fell backwards and I freaked. What was going on? Niall picked her up and cradled her in his arms. He took her to the kitchen and I followed. He splashed some water on her face and her eyes opened. She hugged Niall as he put her down. "I'm fonna go to sleep. Today was tiring." She said and stumbled up the stairs. Niall grabbed the notebook and headed upstairs. I left with the rest of the guys and fell asleep in the car.
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