So for this story I'm gonna reverse it. The girl character named Sadie is a singer and Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn are huge fans of her. They go to one of her concerts and they get to meet her❤.


2. Meeting

I woke up and imeadeitly felt nervous. Today was the meeting. The one that would decide if I could date. I dressed in my white spaghetti strap tank and white skirt with pink, green and yellow stripes. I put my hair in a bun and only put on my required blush. I say at my makeup desk and took out my nail kit. I painted a white background and yellow, green and pink stripes. I put my hands in my nail dryer and did my toes. I dried them and walked down stairs. I had some toast and went to my ashore closet. I chose my silver strappy sandals. I put them on carefully and padded upstairs. I barged into Paul's room. "PAUL!" I yelled. He walked out of his bathroom and shrugged. I pushed him downstairs. He tried to eat breakfast but I blocked his way. "We have to go now." I told him. "Oh you go by yourself." He said. I squealed and ran outside. I wanted to use our convertible but I couldn't. Instead I slid into the van and opened the windows a crack. I backed out and drove to the studio we were meeting at. I parked and quickly walked in. I followed some people to the meeting room and sat down. "So she wants a boyfriend." Someone said. "Yes I do. I think I should get to date. I won't be the only star to do it." I said. "But what if fans get upset?" Another asked. "They won't." I shrugged. "Fine you can date." The past person said. I skipped back to the van and stopped at the park. I got out and sat on a bench concealed by trees. I dialed Niall and he answered. I told him the park name and to meet me here. He came and I asked him "Do you want to go out?" J asked him. His face lit up. "Yeah sure!" He said.
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