So for this story I'm gonna reverse it. The girl character named Sadie is a singer and Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn are huge fans of her. They go to one of her concerts and they get to meet her❤.


3. Dating

I hugged him. I led him to my car and drove him to my house. "Wait here for a sec." I said and walked inside. I looked around and walked back outside. I led Niall up to my room and shut the door. I walked to my jewelry table and opened my necklace box. I took out my necklace with a solid gold chain and topaz heart. I put it on and put another clear coat on my nails. I dried them up took my hair out of the bun. I glanced in the mirror and saw Niall staring at me. I blushed and purposely knocked my lip gloss of the table. I ducked down and grabbed it. I stood up and put it back. I brushed my hair and put it back up. My phone pinged. "Hey." I said. "Wanna come to my party I'm throwing?" Katy (Perry) asked. "Yeah." I said and pug my phone down. "How would you like to go to a Katy Perry party?" I asked Niall. He gaped at me and I took that as a yes. I showed Niall to the spare room and told him to pick something to wear. I walked to my giant closet and found a white mermaid dress with big stripe shape sections and pink lace at the back. I slipped into it and chose my pink and white paint splatter flats. I took my hair out again and made it wavy with my curling iron. I put on pink lipstick to match the lace and put on some black mascara. Niall walked in and stopped in his tracks, staring at me. I giggled and led him back downstairs. I put him in the passenger side of the blue convertible and got in the drivers side. I drove down to her secret club thingy and parked. I carefully got and and walked to the door. It opened and she walked out. "Hi!" Katy Perry said.
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