So for this story I'm gonna reverse it. The girl character named Sadie is a singer and Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn are huge fans of her. They go to one of her concerts and they get to meet her❤.


1. Sadie

I threw on my makeup and slid into my flats. My stylist brushed through my hair and put it in a neat bun. I practiced my guitar a little and grabbed my mic and stand. I skid the mic in and walked on stage. I set down the stand and started strumming. "Just walk the world and you'll start to fly..." I sang. "There ain't no reason not to try try. If you believe to can flyy walk the world give it a try.." 40 minutes later. I finished my last note and curtsied. I walked off stage and set down my mic and stand and also my guitar. I went to the lounge and waited. I wondered who would get the five backstage passes this time? Five boys came in and sat down. There was a blonde, a black haired, a curly one and two brunettes. "I'm Sadie." I said. Very obvious. "Niall." The blonde said bravely. " Curly is Harry, Black is Zayn, This is Louis and this is Liam." He finished. "Can you sign these?" Curly said nervously. I grabbed my pen and scrawled my signature on the backstage passes he was holding out. "Times up." my manager, Paul said. Niall grabbed my pen and held out my hand. He scrawled ten digits on it and walked out with everyone else. I copied the number onto some paper and grabbed my bag. I walked out with Paul and some security guards and they drove me home. I changed and fell asleep before my head hit the pillow. In the morning I sat up and grabbed my song book, pen and guitar. "Your eyes shine in the sun... You may just be the one... " I wrote down the lyrics and notes. " I kept going for a while and had a full song in two hours. I glanced at my mirror and clock. Twenty minutes till my interview and I looked like a mess. I put on my light blue dress with sleeves and brushed through my hair. I grabbed my scrunchy that matched my blonde hair tone and put it in my signature perfect bun. I applied my mascara and lip gloss and put on the bush they forced me to wear whenever I went in public because I am so pale. I ran downstairs and chugged the orange juice that was on the table. I ran to the door and shoved Paul out of the way. I ran to the car and shut the door. Paul came and drove me to the studio. I got out of the car and was nearly eaten alive by fans. They were everywhere! I slipped under their legs and ran inside. I redid my hair and fixed my makeup. I quickly straightened my dress as the interviewer walked into the main hall. "Come in come in." He said. He led me to the room and I sat down in a chair. He asked me all the normal questions but one stood out. "So do you have a boyfriend?" "Umm not really....?" I answered. "And CUT!" The camera man said. I stood up and went tot the fan room where some of my fans got to meet me. The doors opened and ten fans came in at a time. They opened for a final time and just Niall walked in. "Hi." He said. "What is your last name?" I asked him. "Horan." He answered.  I scrawled it into my songbook. I signed his notebook and then he had to leave. I smiled to him and walked back to the car before the fans saw me. Paul was already there and he drove me to the concert I was doing for free. Which means you don't need tickets and you don't have to pay at all. I grabbed my guitar and walked onstage. I saw Niall in the front row. I sang my normal songs and got to the last one. "This song is about a guy named Niall Horan that I met." I said into my mic. "Your eyes shine in the sun... You may just be the one..." I sang the song and left. When we were back home I called Niall. He didn't answer so I went to bed.

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