The wandering traveller

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  • Published: 25 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 25 Aug 2012
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It is about a pilgrimage's life and the difficulties he faces along the way. the poem is told in his view.


1. the journey

I wandered across the empty wilderness,

I'm  drenched in my own sweat and I'm tired,

It's been only four hours but it feels like days,

Everything we passed was just plain bareness,


Sand everywhere,

I'm thirsty; drank all the water from the two water bottles I brought,

Looking for a waterhole to fill them up,

people around me start to curse and swear,


It's getting really boring now,

I think even the camels are getting tired,

I need to rest; my feet is aching,

oh well, can't complain; after this trip, I'm definitely going to retired,


All I long for is my nice, comfy, warm bed,

A nice meal and a pint of lager,

My lovely wife and my beautiful children,

I feel this numbing pain in my head,


It might be from the dehydration,

How long has it been?

How long do we have left?

We come to a very, busy junction,


At last,

I see the city of Mecca in front of me,

 All this travelling to come to this historic and religious town!

This is what we pligrimaged for! Finally I can relaxed but the pastor wants to see the historical monuments that time has forgotten and lost,




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