Description of Food

Just a quick description I wrote for my English lesson at school. Hope you like it =D


1. description no.1


© All Rights Reserved. Any further distribution of this story is illegal. This story belongs to mickymomo- aka Morayo.

I was hurtling into darkness when I was pushed into a dimly- lit room. The room was only lit up by a glowing table. Intricate patterns were carved into the stone cold metal legs of the table, and filling the carvings were leaves, branches and twigs. An aqua cloth was stretched from one end of the table to the other. The table was laden with foods of every sort! Even some that I’d never seen. There were baked apple cakes with sugar- coated walnuts decorating the soft angel- white butter cream which was thickly spread on top. Tropical melons that let out a colourful variation of scented notes were scattered around and potatoes that were roasted to the richest hue of brown were put side by side in an equilateral triangle. I saw rainbow puddings which contained every colour of the spectrum in great resplendence. Cups of ivory which were shaped to the last detail so they looked like the wildest Sumatran Tigers of Asia were set out beside cutlery that had been polished to a blinding silver. There were also roasted geese, turkeys and ducks cut evenly into crisp thin slices. But the delicacy that topped it all off were the large, cherry coloured sweets that were placed in the leftmost corner. I could literally see the red hot flames that were spiralling up from the sweets and mixing in the white wisps of coloured air. 

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