Gotta Be You

Jessica leves her home and finds herself staying in a
One direction members house and goes on an exiting adventure


3. The night

Jessicas P.O.V.
I walked downstairs because I smelled something good. "hey love I'm making dinner. My mom went to her friends house for the night. I hope you like pizza. "I do but you didn't have to make it I mean I could have done it" I said grabbing my jacket and putting it on "no it's no problem." he said. He put the pizza in the oven for a little more time and he went over and sat on the couch. "it should be ready in 5" he said. "do you want to watch a movie after dinner?" he asked "sure that sounds fun" I said. BING the pizza was done. Thank god it stopped the awkward silence. We sat down at the dining table. I took a bite out of the slice of pizza Harry gave me "wow this is good" "thanks. My mom taught me how to make it when I was like 9" "well your mom taught you well". Then we finnished up eating and I grabbed my blanket and st on the couch next to Harry. "what movie we watching?" I asked. "ummm i don't know." and he turned his head to look at me. We stated into each others eyes. "you have beautiful eyes" he said and he leaned in and kissed me. I put my arms around his neck and played with his curly hair. He put his hands on my face. They were warm. Then he pulled the blanket away. We were still kissing. He unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them off and I pulled his pants off then he took his shirt off we released the kiss. "my bedroom?" he asked I shook my head and we headed in his bed. We pulled a blanket over us. Then we started kissing again. He unzipped my jacket an took it off me and took my shirt off. He put his arm around me and I put my legs around him. We let go of the kiss. "Jessica I love you" I smiled. We cuddled. He stroked my face until I fell asleep. But it wasn't till I closed my eyes that I realized what I was doing.
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