Gotta Be You

Jessica leves her home and finds herself staying in a
One direction members house and goes on an exiting adventure


2. Home sweet home?

Harry's P.O.V.

We walked inside and my mother was sitting at the counter. "hi mom this is ummm..... My love I never asked your name" "jessica" she said "this is Jessica and she has nowhere to stay and I was thinking she could stay with us considering Gemma isn't here for a while" I said "well of course she can. Guests are always welcome. Oh honey you look freezing to death would you like a warm bath and some new clothes?" my mother asked "yes thank you" Jessica said and they both went upstairs. I sat on my couch thinking. "I really hope she stays longer then intended. She is very attractive." And of course I was thinking out loud again and my mother herd me. "we'll then why don't you ask her out sweetie" she said. "mom I just met her. Maybe tomorrow or something. I don't want to pour everything on her today. Ill let her get comfortable here then I will." and it was left at that.

Jessica's P.O.V.

I was sitting in the bath thinking to myself. Harry is very attractive. I will DEFINETLY stay here for a while. Maybe I'll ask him tomorrow. He is of course from one direction though. He could have any girl in the world. Why would he choose me. I started to wash my hair the. I did everything else. I got out dried off and Putin some clothes that were apparently Harry's sister. I think I'm gonna like it here.
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