Gotta Be You

Jessica leves her home and finds herself staying in a
One direction members house and goes on an exiting adventure


1. Letting go

Jessicas P.O.V.

"Jessica get down here right now" yelled my stepfather. It was just me and him because my mom passed away from a plane accident and my brother is at collage. "where were you last night. I know you snuck out" "I don't recall sneaking out last night" he punched me in the back letting tears flow down my face knocking the wind out of me "okay fine. I went to the park wit a bunch of my friends." I said still crying in pain "at midnight? Jessica this is unexeptable. You are grounded" he said walking away "of course I'm grounded. I'm always grounded. I went out because I haven't seen daylight since school. Your such a bastard." I said he ran back, pushed me on the ground and stepped on my stomach making me throw up "we don't talk back and we DON'T use that kind of language" he said and stormed away. Then after I recovered from vomiting I got up and walked out the door. I ran and ran until I couldn't even reckonise where I was anymore. I at least had my phone with me but it would have been smart to pack like a sweatshirt and pants. Then it started raining. Great. I just kept walking crossings arms cursing at myself and wondering how this was going to work out.
Harry's P.O.V.

I was sitting at my seat video chatting with my best friend and band mate Louis. We were discussing what our next album should be called. And man did it feel good to be in my room and my house and my town again being on your and all. "so I was thinking we should do a duet song with a girl and we can do a contest to get a good girl singer to do the duet....." and I looked out the window. I saw a dark brown haired girl with a tank and shirts on out in the freezing rain walking looking like she had no idea where she was. "hold on Louis I'll call you later. I need to do something" I said and hung up. I grabbed my umbrella put some shoes on and ran outside to the girl. "hi erm I saw you through my window and um it looked like you dOnt know where your going. May I ask if your okay" I asked. "um yeah I guess so. I am running away from my house. I don't have a place to stay. I have no food water or clothes. All I have are the clothes on my back and my phone." She said. "well umm my sister is out of town for a mont or two. You can stay with me until you figure something out" I said and she shook her head yes and I put my arm around her as we walked to my house.
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