Live while we're young

Effy is 17 years old who only has one goal in life...making sure her 14 year old sister Ella who has cancer is happy.So Effy takes Ella to meet her favorite boy band one direction, what will happen when Harry takes a interest in Effy? Will him being in the picture make her forget about her only goal in life?
Hi this is my first fanfic, so it may sound horrible but please give it a chance and comment good or bad I won't mind :)


2. The concert

The next day 
Effy's pov;
I was helping Darcy pick out an outfit for the show tonight. "I like this Ef." I got up stood behind her, she was wearing a white Beatles tank top with black shorts. "You've always had an odd style El'." I checked the time and saw it was time to go. I quickly helped Ella  put on her shoes and we left. As we were driving I couldn't help but smile at how happy she was. My parents were both working tonight and yeah I didn't tell them about me taking Ella but I had to. We soon arrive at the venue which was already packed with screaming girls. Finding our seats was tough I had managed to get floor seats. "Ellie my head hurts." I quickly looked in my bag and took out some pills. I had brought all of her medication...wouldn't want another re peat. She quickly swallowed the pill and the lights went off. A big monitor came out with the boys, i never actually seen what they looked like. Ella wasn't the type to put posters up so yeah. As all the boys came to view I couldn't help but be drawn to them. A countdown began 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, they came out running and the crowd screams. Through out the whole concert everyone around me was singing along and dancing. Ella even got a wave from one of them wearing a varsity jacket. Soon it was time for us to go backstage and meet the boys.
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