Live while we're young

Effy is 17 years old who only has one goal in life...making sure her 14 year old sister Ella who has cancer is happy.So Effy takes Ella to meet her favorite boy band one direction, what will happen when Harry takes a interest in Effy? Will him being in the picture make her forget about her only goal in life?
Hi this is my first fanfic, so it may sound horrible but please give it a chance and comment good or bad I won't mind :)


1. Ella

Effy's pov; 
They say things get better in time. Sure in time I can learn a song on the guitar, in time I can get my grade up in math...but if all that can get better, then why can't  life? Ive only had one goal in life and that was to see my little sister happy. You see  Ella has Leukemia. We don't know how this happened I mean one day she was a healthy 12 year old then the next she started having fevers, loosing weight and she started bleeding...a Lott. I walked out of my room and heard my parents fighting downstairs. After the doctor told us about the cancer my parents have started fighting Over everything and anything. I quickly made my way into Ellas room, she was sitting up on her bed listening to a one direction song. She absolutely loves those boys and for that I had gotten her something really special. "Ella, hey I brought something for you." She looked at me with her eyebrows raised. I sat on the edge of her bed and gave her a white envelope. Still confused she ripped it open and her face went blank. "Oh my god, you got tickets for One direction show tomorrow!?" She said breathing in between words. I nodded my head, "Yeah and those arnt just tickets for the show but there Backstage passes." Her jaw dropped, "You mean we are going o meet them?" A huge smile went across my face as I saw her start fangirling. "Alright get some sleep because tomorrows gonna be epic." She nodded and gave me a big Hug, tomorrow was Definitly going to be amazing.
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