Brothers are out off limits. Thats what she said.

She stumbled towards the kitchen as her phone dropped into the ground with a bang. "Hey Andrea" a dark voice sung into her ears, She looked into his brown eyes and his smirk was just growing. Is this whom I think it is? Liam stood there looking all sex god and everything. He walked even closer and closer. Her heart was beating faster. He was just one step away from a kiss. He bent down fast and grabbed her phone. He rised up. She could feel his hot breath. His hands burnt into her skin as he grabbed her arm. The phone was placed into her hands softly. She allready knew that this is a bad Idea. Her name was Andrea Evans. She had a besfriend who is THE player in this town. And her bestfriends brother, happened to be the 'Prince Charming' in this story named Liam. They flirted one night, obviosly and she felt bad. So she went to talk to Chloe to try to forget his gorgeous ass. Then out of nowhere: Chloe stands there in a dark corner. Flirting with the one and only: Mike. Her Brother.


8. This is Final.

fasten your seatbealts! :O
because yeah well:
only one way to find out why!




So there I sat. In the kitchen. Eating dinner. I had just been told something. Well I knew something was up with Grandma. And well, I was right. Grandma was sent to a rehab. Dad found her drugs. Not a happy scene. Mum was crying. Infront of me. I do really have no Idea what to say. Like really. I inhale, and tell her to shut up. "its ok, mum" I tried to calm her down, really. But. I just have no Idea on what to say. "NO! ITS NOT OK! DON'T YOU FREAKING UNDERSTAND!?" She shouted, she raised up from the chair. The chair fell down. She stormed out from the kitchen and disappeared. I inhaled and slowly shaked my head. "what the fuck" I said loudly as I pushed my food away. I wasn't hungry at all. I just knew that I needed to eat something. anything.


So, It appeared that there was something that have happened with Liam and Mike. And Now I am done. I have invited Liam, Chloe and Mike to a 'movienight' tonight. well I invited Liam to movienight, Chloe to a girlnight and Mike to a late night cooking at the kitchen. So they all will appear at the beachhouse. I know, I know. Im smart. 

I looked down on the clock. I had to go to the beach house now. I raised up and ran outside. I saw Chloe and Liam already was there. I jogged over to them, and opened the house. "what the fuck is this?" Chloe asked me. "Yeah Andrea?" Liam were utterly confused. Well and a little angry that I basically threw him out yesterday. Well. I had to. He pissed me off.

I sent them inside. "just sit down ok?" I asked them nicely. They obeyed and walked inside. Mike came jogging outside and over to me. "Well?" he said. Like he was just waiting for me to say something. "just come inside" I asked nicely. I dragged him inside and threw him down on a empty chair. I locked the door from inside and turned to them. "I invited you all over to have a little" I said and dragged an emtpy chair to sit face to face to them "to a little honesty time" I explained. "Now, What is going to happen now is that you guys are going to tell me everything." I looked at all of them. "I deserve to know the fucking truth!" I said a little angrier. "Or else Im bringing in the big guns" I threatened.

I starred at them all. Just waiting for anyone to say something. "Mike, you can begin!"  I looked at him. "just tell me!" I said straight to him. "Don't hurt me more than you have" he looked away and exhailed. "ok, I will tell the truth" he told me, but raised his finger "only If you let me talk, then questions and comments later" he said and looked at chloe and Liam. They nodded and agreed. "good." He nodded.

He looked straight into my eyes. "There is something that you should know about me, and you have noticed that Im gay" he said straight. "you know that one." he scratched his back and laughed awkwardly. "last year, at the afterparty to Chloe, when you didnt show up" he explained and cleared his throat. "I was drunk, and I flirted with Liam" when he said that. I didnt even wanna look at him. I looked away and he stopped talking. "continue." I said shaky. 

"well, and I got of course rejected because he was in love with you so I told him to stay away from you. I threatened him because I was afraid he would tell you about me hitting on him. And I was far away from ready to let the world know I am gay" He took a deep breathe, I looked slowly up to him. He was shaking. "Then Chloe came and was pissed off because, well I figured out she knew because she had talked to Liam." he said, in a strange shaky tone. "I was still pissed and drunk as hell, so I told her that Liam and you had been flirting behind our backs and we should stop them." he swallowed hard. and cleared his throat. "To protect them to not do something dumb or do something stupid." he said and continued "she didn't wan't to, but I told her that I would talk to Luke, for her if she talked to Liam" He breathed out. Chloe raised up and walked over to Mike. She sat down next to him and held his hand. "I told her to never tell anyone"

"that's what happened, and then I sobered up and got all depressed and was allot of outside to hide my depression from you guys. I was embarrassed of myself and me being gay" he began to cry. "Then I began this hole thing with Flash" he hulked and dried away his tears. "Grandma found out, and then she threatened me and Flash" he continued. "He sent me out of the room, so they could talk." he explained. "when Grandma came out, it was like she never saw us or anything" he said confused. "like she was happy as fuck" I shacked my head. "I didn't realize that it was Flash that had been selling her drugs for a year until she got into rehab and I realized that it was Flash that had told Dad that he had walked in on her doing drugs" he laughed husky "That bitch had tried to manipulate me this entire time" he hulked "and Flash sold her drugs to shut her up and letting her push me down, so I wouldn't 'come out' of the closet" he hulked more. He cired and cried. I couldn't even think. "It wasn't before she got sent to rehab before I had enough" he cleared his throat. "Now I feel like I can be myself, for a change" He cleared his throat and tired hard not to cry more than he already did "I am an drug addict and I have a problem with cutting" he said suddenly. My eyes flew wide. I had a thought but I never really thought that he-

he cleared his throat. "I know I have a problem, and I need to go to rehab, But I refuse to got to the same place as Grandma" he shacked his head. "we can talk more about this later, Andrea. I just need to stop talking right now" he said and I agreed. "trust me, we will" I said calmly to him. He looked up at me. I gave him an empty look. "That's what happened." He exhaled. "wow" that's all I had to say. I looked up at him.

Chloe gave him a hug. and he cried in her arms. This was really hard on him. "That explains a little" said Liam. I looked at him and agreed "yeah" But I still was confused. "But, Chloe-" I tried to talk. but. well, she didn't let me.  "My turn, I know." she turned to me and cleared her throat. "At the party, I was looking for you when I saw Liam all pissed off. So I walked over to him, to you know" she looked at him. "To talk to him, but he didn't say that much" she shacked her shoulders. "Then I found Mike, and we got to talking. You know already what happened there" she explained. "And I was crushing on Luke, and you know how he is my ultimate dream" she said and laughed short. "Little did I know how much damage I was about to do" she shacked her head and I could tell she was a little angry.

She inhaled and continued talking. "I walked home to talk to Liam, and that did not go well" she looked at Liam. "We had a pretty bad fight. And He can tell you after Im done talking what we fought about when Im done talking" she said. what. I looked at Liam. He sat with his head in his arms, arms leant on his legs. He had his hands ruffled into his fluffy hair. 

Chloe cleared her throat and dried Mike's tears away. "sorry, continue" I said and looked back to Chloe. "well, and because of the fight, you remember I told you that we should make the rule" she shacked slowly. "I remembered you didn't have the guts to tell me about your feelings for Liam" she said and I shot my eyes on Liam. what did they fight about? "You know I can read Liam pretty well, Andrea" she explained. I nodded slowly. "I went with it because of what came down with not only Mike's secret about everything and Liam" I looked back to Chloe. "you knew about Him and Flash?" I asked. "No, but with Him and Grandma" I looked at him. Mike explained. "Grandma have been blackmailing me since I was 14 years old. She was the first person who realised I was into guys." he laughed dryly. "she saw me starring unormal at our waiter Michael, and the reason he got fired was because of I only starred at him." he said and looked not pleased. "That bitch have been blackmailing me ever since, and I have been trying to stay my ground away from her" he looked down and up to Chloe. He nodded over to Liam. She looked at him. "Well, I think It's time for Liam to tell what we fought about" Chloe said.

There was a long silence. I starred at Liam. Liam looked finally back at me. He had tears in his eyes. I raised up and took a big step over to Liam. I held his hands and looked up into his eyes. "stop, I can't tell you with you starring and holding me like this." he said and hulked. I walked back and sat down on the chair. all confused. I didn't know how to think. He took a deep inhale and exhailed before he started to talk. "Me and Chloe fought about something stupid I did at that party" he explained. There was a long silence. "Chloe came in on me with Sara Parker" he said. my heart froze. My head stopped. "what?" I asked. Sara Parker was the number one skank in this town. She did everyone and was basically a bitch. Bigger player than Chloe. 

A tear fell down on my check. "I was drunk and after Sara had left, me and Chloe started to talk." he explained. I didn't even wanna look at him. "She yelled at me for liking you and hurting you, and being stupid" he explained. "She didn't wanna let me go anywhere near you, because she knew i wasn't being myself." He hulked. "I was a asshole, and If we had dated last year, it wouldn't probably last that long, because I struggled with depression and being true to myself and my feelings"  he hulked. "I was in a mental hospital for 4 months, and then sent to a boot camp, middle of nowhere" he said straight out. "I have not been honest with anyone, not even my family. But I struggled with depression because I-" He stopped talking.

I walked over to him and hugged him tightly. I kissed him on his cheek and ran my fingers through his hair. I lent my head into his head. "You have no Idea on how much I love you" he looked at me, I dried away his tears and kissed him on his forehead. "I was raised up on a orphanage" he said. His words clinged into my brain. I hugged him tight and kissed him on his cheeck. My tears began to flow. "When I was 5, I moved and finally found my right family and got a bestfriend for a sister" he said with a shaky voice. "It was the best day of my life" he explained. "But since then I have been struggling causing to my childhood and that I was before Chloe, I was in a abusive family" he cleared his throat. "So that's why I chose to go away for a year" he said straight. he looked deeply into my eyes. "I never meant to hurt you, Andrea" he said. "I never wanted to face my true feelings, and I never wanted to tell you because I-" I stopped him by kissing him. I could feel his teardrops. I looked straight into his eyes. "I didn't wanna scare you away" he whispered. "I love you, and I am not going anywhere" I told him, and kissed him again. this time, longer.

"Andrea, you have to know" I looked over to Chloe. "I made the rule because I wanted him to have space, he didn't even want to but he knew I was right so he let me make this rule" she explained. "you know, I thank every single one of you for being honest." I nodded slowly. Mike looked at Liam, "Im sorry for what I did" he apologized, "for everything, and Liam: that was really brave what you did just now" he said and clapped him on the shoulder. Liam turned his head and shacked his hand "thanks" he said short. he tired to smile, but failed. 


allot happened :o

stay toooned! (:




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