Brothers are out off limits. Thats what she said.

She stumbled towards the kitchen as her phone dropped into the ground with a bang. "Hey Andrea" a dark voice sung into her ears, She looked into his brown eyes and his smirk was just growing. Is this whom I think it is? Liam stood there looking all sex god and everything. He walked even closer and closer. Her heart was beating faster. He was just one step away from a kiss. He bent down fast and grabbed her phone. He rised up. She could feel his hot breath. His hands burnt into her skin as he grabbed her arm. The phone was placed into her hands softly. She allready knew that this is a bad Idea. Her name was Andrea Evans. She had a besfriend who is THE player in this town. And her bestfriends brother, happened to be the 'Prince Charming' in this story named Liam. They flirted one night, obviosly and she felt bad. So she went to talk to Chloe to try to forget his gorgeous ass. Then out of nowhere: Chloe stands there in a dark corner. Flirting with the one and only: Mike. Her Brother.


5. The Butler ?

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Chapter. 5 - The Butler ?


It felt like hours. But really, it was like 5 minutes. Another guy came out, I recognized him from somewhere. He froze and looked at me with an empty stare, and apologized in a maze. It was Marcel, The Butler. He had brown hair and he still had his uniform on.

He froze and looked down on me. "Well this is.. awkward" He fake laughed as he begin to walk through the hall. He stopped up and turned around slowly, and jogged against me and sat down on his knees. "You know, If this helps-" He begins and coughed. I stared at him for a moment "You work for us, I can fire you by a push of a button" I barked.

He stared at me, and was about to say something before Mike came out. "Flash, what are you doing?" He looked at him with a confused but tired look. He raised up, and smiled to Mike. "nothing" he said. coldly. He turned around his back to Mike as he looked down on me and gave me an some sort of an evil look. Mike coughed and looked at him "bye" he said to him, the butler, Marcel or Flash whatever his name is, just shrugged it off and turned around "Sorry, it was nothing" he said and smiled to me and Mike.

He tried to kiss him, but Mike turned the other cheek. Flash laughed a little, before he walked off. Mike turned his attention to me. "Hi" he says in an empty tone. He stares a little on the ground, as he waits until Butler Flash would disappear from all this awkwardness. The door closed dramatically, as Butler flash disappeared into the elevator. 

Mike coughed and took out his hand to reach. I starred at it for a second. I breathed deeply and focused, and thought hard. This is not about me. This is my brother. He is still my brother, and that is not going to change. I know Him, and He knows me. The end. So I'll try to keep an opened mind and not think about that the fact the held it in for entire year.. Years. I shaked my head and, laughed a little. I grabbed his hand and raised up.

I starred into his eyes and waited. He smiled a little and took my hand and lead me through his room, I tried not to focus on the flashbacks i got. I coughed and followed him into his terrace. Me and Mike had the best of views. I walked out and breathed in the summer air that hugged around the city. I looked over to right and slowly over to the right. Behind our pool and pool house, garden and a little more space, before the big fence that hugged our property, came the beach. The garden was filled with flowers and beautiful trees, and we had an lovely door-fence (sorry, do not remember the word). Me and Mike colored it white when we were nine, but my dad got angry at mum, so they painted it black. I guess he is a little specific. I shaked my head as I looked over to my terrace over at floor 3 and he had his room at floor also floor 3, but there was like 60 meters something away from my terrace. I walked in the direction of my terrace and looked down, and longer to right over to the big doors that lead to our big ball room.

He coughed and sat down on a chair. He pulled out one to me and I turned slowly to him. I took the chair and pulled it closer to me before i sat down in it. I breathed heavily as we watched the sun almost disappeared behind the nowhere. 

-"You know, This is something personal so you can't really be mad at you for not telling you"
He said, as he waited in response. He curled his fingers into the sweater and starred at the sun. He was nervous. "why are you nervous?" I asked him curiously. He laughed a little, I explained, "what? I'm your sister, not our parents" I said and looked at him. I shoved my chair closer to him and smiled, "you know, I have had a clue about this" I explained.

He have had his weird moments around hot guys, and I do know when something is up with my brother. Summers and at school, like sometimes I would ask him just for fun what he thought about Liam and he would go all blushy and stuff. But I guess I didn't want to admit to myself, because.. Well he is my best friend and we are close, I mean he is the one who made sure I woke up, brushed my teeth and went to school on time. We tell each other everything. About everything. But we slipped out on talking, thats why we went on this trip to work things out. I guess I am just a little shocked that, My clue.. was right. Because I keep thought that, It couldn't be true because then he would've told me long time ago, so I never really thought that much about it. Because you know, some secrets are hard to tell.. because you're afraid you're going to lose someone.

He looked over to me, "how?" he said quickly before he answered his own question "Well you are my better half, so I guess you're born to know" He said empty. I looked at him, "what's that supposed to mean?" He looked over at me, "well come on, It's not like you're fooling anybody but yourself!" he barked. I looked confused at him. "Where are you going on with all of this?" I barked back and stood up, "I would never hurt you, talk behind your back or stop being your best friend!" I barked, "even if" I began, he looked up to me curling is fits together. "Even if your gay, you're still my brother" I said and smacked him behind his head. "I'm not going anywhere!" I said and walked over to the door, "You're the one leaving me, Remember?!" I screamed and run out of the room. I run to the elevator and took to the 1st floor and run out to our pool house. I stopped up and looked up at the terrace. He had left.

I walked over to the pool house, and locked me in and just laid down on the couch for a minute. I turned on the plasma TV and just picked out something random, and ended up with watching a barbie movie. Half of it I gave up. I looked at my phone and wanted to call someone. I starred at Liam's Phone number for about an half hour or something before I just clicked on the number and decided to call him. I breathed heavily in and listened, it kept ringing and ringing until

-"Hey Andrea" Liam said in his most sexy sleepy voice ever. I raised up in one move and suddenly I felt really awake. My heart was beating really fast. "I-I-I-" I began, I didn't know how to say this. Hey Liam! Can you please come over and heal my heart, because you babe stole it, or a little less cheesy like Hey Liam! I want you here now. I shaked my head and starred at the tv and put it on pause.

I took the risk and blurted out "I just really could use someone to.. not talk to right now" There was a pause before he asked "what? sorry I didn't catch that?" He said. My tears began to flow, jeez. All of this is just a little intense. And Im sitting here like a baby crying about it. "I just need someone-" I hulked, Before I could finish the sentence he responded in a serious tone with "I'll come right away" I froze a little and starred out of middle of nowhere and coughed, I said fast "I'm in the pool house" he responded and I could hear him struggling to talk "I'll be there in 5, I'll meet you in the back" He said and hung up. 

I waited for like 2 seconds before I walked over to our back of the gate, close to the pool house witch laid the beach on the other side. Again, It felt like hours, I sat inside and picked grass. At first I thought that he was just joking or something. But then I thought a little about it. and he sounded serious so I guess he really was.

Suddenly out of nowhere i hear someone walking. I take a quick look at myself in the reflex of my phone, just to make sure i look good you know. I take a deep breathe and raise up to meet by two familiar brown eyes and that perfume that he is always wearing that i kind of love. I deeply inhale before i walk over to the gate-door, click in the password on the side of the door and opened the door to Liam. I try to master a smile but i fail. 

-"You don't have to put on a brave face around me, you know that" he responds and walk in quickly. He pulls me into a hug before I could object or anything. His arms curled around me. I felt protected. For once. It felt this new scary feeling. That I deeply wanted to welcome, but I was afraid. Afraid of .. everything.

I deeply inhale and curl my arms around his waist. I hide my face into his chest and longer into his neck. Slowly I begin to cry again. He hugs me tighter and gently stroke my back. He kisses my forehead.  He turns around and take his free arm to close the gate. after he gently carries me in a princess way I didn't even think he was this strong.

He carries me into the pool house and sits down on the couch. I was still in his arms, but he took a pillow and a carpet to make me comfortable. I inhale and ask him, because my hands were tied. And not in the pervy way, you .. perv. He wipes away my tears and looks down on me. "You ok?" he ask me, I look up at his face and I could see that he was a little .. worried about me. 

But the thing is, should I be honest with him? With everything going on with my brother and my best friend - his sister Chloe? Or what about the 'more to the story' about the rule? 

Can I trust him?





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