Brothers are out off limits. Thats what she said.

She stumbled towards the kitchen as her phone dropped into the ground with a bang. "Hey Andrea" a dark voice sung into her ears, She looked into his brown eyes and his smirk was just growing. Is this whom I think it is? Liam stood there looking all sex god and everything. He walked even closer and closer. Her heart was beating faster. He was just one step away from a kiss. He bent down fast and grabbed her phone. He rised up. She could feel his hot breath. His hands burnt into her skin as he grabbed her arm. The phone was placed into her hands softly. She allready knew that this is a bad Idea. Her name was Andrea Evans. She had a besfriend who is THE player in this town. And her bestfriends brother, happened to be the 'Prince Charming' in this story named Liam. They flirted one night, obviosly and she felt bad. So she went to talk to Chloe to try to forget his gorgeous ass. Then out of nowhere: Chloe stands there in a dark corner. Flirting with the one and only: Mike. Her Brother.


3. Something is wrong.

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Chapter 3. Something is wrong

My body was frozen, I couldn't move at all. I inhaled and duck under his loose arm to get away. I almost got away, until he took my arm. Holding me back. "We can't do this, you know" I said simple. But he was still holding my arm. My voice was a little shaky because of the intense 'drama' just happened. He slided his arm down to my hand, and held it. "I know, But you know-" He whispered and didn't know what to say, I couldn't handle this situation after everything and he could tell. I turned my heels to face him. He lost the grip, because my face was blank. I think he didnt know what I was going to do. "Me and your sister have the rule" I started, he sighed  "you know that" I said simple, to get him to back off. This was already hard for me enough as it is, so why couldn't he just realize that? And just stop.

He shook his head, and looked straight into my eyes. He exhaled and then said "I have been away for a year, but we still have things we kind of" he looked down onto the ground "left off" he sighed, "we never did get our chance-" he looked at me with hurt in his eyes. I didn't know he even cared. But I held myself together, "I-I-I can't" I struggled, "This have been a long day for me" I began. I turned my heels, and walked off from the 'crime scene'. And this time, he didn't stop me.

Ok. So what he meant was, before he went away we had this thing. It was like sort of a skinny love. You know, when to people are kind of have obviously feelings for each other, but are too shy to admit it or do anything about it. Well, he left me hanging. He went away for a year. We just never did get our chance to start dating or anything. But anyhow, Chloe found out about our 'relationship' and we had a bad fight. Until she found out I never really dated him at all. So we agreed to make a new rule to avoid this sort of fight again. The rule still remains: Brothers are out of limits.

I didn't know where to go at this point, but I wanted to go outside. So I went back to where all the people was. But there was nothing else to do, because there was mostly just boring business people and boring attitude people who happened to be in my family. weird, I know. So I decided to go and find Chloe and Mike. I walked outside to the terrace. But no one there either, other than scary tragic looking people smoking. So I walked the other way on a footpath. I inhaled the fresh midnight air. The stars was shinning. I took out my phone and took a picture and posted it on Instagram.

"The sky is beautiful, Isn't it?" a familiar voice said. I turned and was faced with the one and only, Liam. I sighed, and continued walking. He jogged up to me, following my steps. We walked for a while, until I stopped and was about to ask him to stop. Until he grabbed me, held over my mouth and walked into a corner. He looked over me, looking for someone. I on the other hand bite his hand, witch made him howl a little. "Why did you do that?" he asked, a little annoyed. "I didn't know you were kinky" he said "I like it" he smirked. I just shook my head slightly, "what is up in your but?" I raised my voice. slightly annoyed, and why would he grab me like that. Not that I don't mind, but I- I just. Never mind. It was rude of him.

He walked over to me once again and covered up my mouth. "Be silent, Mike and Chloe are over there-" he began, I pushed his hand away from me and continued walking. He walked up to me, "stop!" he said. "Go away" I responded. And walked up my speed, I could tell he stopped following me. I turned my head to only find, Chloe hugging Mike. Then Mike said "Don't tell anyone about this" he said, and looked down on the ground. Chloe was about to lay his hand on his shoulder, until Mike saw me. I backed away, and stumbled into the ground. Liam came over to me, helping me up. "I was just looking for-" I started. I couldn't take this. way too much drama on one day. I couldn't take the fact Liam was hoping we could end up together, because I wanted that too, and my grandma was on drugs. I don't even know. so I went to bed.

ten minutes later, I was finally in my room. I got ready to jump in bed, but first I jumped into my Jacuzzi and then took a quick shower. It was really relaxing. I jumped into my favorite zombie t-shirt and a batman shorts. I felt not tired at all so I went on my computer to watch a little episodes of Pretty Little Liars. I was middle in a very important and a scene that made me get goosebumps. Until someone knocked heavily on my door.

I litterally jumped. I paused the episode, and starred on my door. It was locked and the clock was 3 am, so who in the heck would knock on my door now? I climbed out of my giant bed, and almost fell when i walked over to the door. I inhaled, and opened the door. The face i was met by, was the one and only: Mike. He looked very tired actually. "What?" I asked, slightly annoyed. "I have to tell you something" he started, very nervous. "what?" I asked again, but this time a little worried. "You misunderstood allot of things today" he began. I shook my head. "How?" I said out loud. "Im-" He began. I looked up into his eyes. "Your what?" I asked curious, curious that he even bothered to get his lazy ass over here middle of the night. "Im sorry, but do you want to go out and buy some food?" he asked. I smiled a little, he knew I loved trips middle of the night. Specially midnight snack trips. "Ill meet you in the garage" I said with a smile, he smiled back.

I decided to just shifted to cartoon joggers from top shop and a big black cardigan, and just some black toms shoes. I walked out of my room and walked over to the Garage. It took me 5 minutes, because the elevator was a little late. I jumped into the car, and took the volume down. "Im so ready for some midnight snack" I smiled. He nodded in agreement and then we sat onto the ride for finding restaurants. We really talked about random stuff, from the radio and stuff. So luckily, we didn't have such thing as awkward moment. We dropped by some Chinese restaurant, we had rice deluxe and brought some cola, it was pretty good meal. We talked for really long time, until we realized how late it was so we had to get our butts home. When were home, I jumped into bed right away.


I was woken up literally by a pillow. My reaction was to grab the pillow and throw it away of course. I grabbed my duvet and turned to the other side. "You, have allot of nerve to avoid me" someone said. My eyes flew up. I raised up and turned to face Chloe. "What are you doing here?" I asked. She laughed then turned serious, "You misunderstood yesterday, I didnt flirt with Mike if you think that" she said. I almost believed it, was too skeptical to believe so i choose to go with "what are you talking about?" I said and yawned. "I'm still dating Luke, I didn't flirt with Mike" she said. I looked at her closely. I could tell by her seriousness and her face expression, that she was right. "Wow, is it serious between you guys?" I asked, she nodded and even blushed. She blushed. Chloe blushed. "I just having issues with facing the fact im kinda starting to fall for him, so I flirted with other boys but it didn't work" she explained and sighed. I shook my head, "I understand, and sorry for thinking that you flirted with Mike, but what were you two doing either way?" I asked. Her face expression just fell, she looked down a little. "what?" I asked curious. She shook her head "Im sorry but I don't know how to say it or even if I tried, its not my place to speak about." she said. She actually said that. I couldn't believe it. "We tell each other everything" I said and jumped out of my bed and headed towards my walk in closet.

She walked after me and laid a hand on my shoulder. "Im sorry, we do but this is something I think Mike wants to say himself." she sat down on on the chair. She looked up into my eyes and shook her shoulders. I sighed, and looked for some clothes to wear. I picked out some black ripped skinny jeans, floral bralet and fishnet jumper. I walked over to find shoes, while Chloe talked away about her issues about love. I picked out black converse shoes, and then I was done. My make up I did as usual. Big eyelashes and pink lips. Then me and Chloe went to buy some breakfast.

I stopped up and looked at Chloe. "Listen, I can tell by how much you talk about Luke I know you really care for him so I think everything will be ok as long as you don't overthink everything" I said simple, and gave Chloe a happy smile. She shook her head and exhaled "your right". Then Happy Chloe came back, and turned up the music in my fabulous black land rover. We hit downtown, to buy some breakfast in some random drive through. We stopped up to the parkinglot. I ate up my vegan burger and absolute loved my smoothie, While Chloe told me what she did while I was gone. She actually worked and made some money on her own. Even thought it was modeling, it was a big step!

I gave the rest of the Smoothie to Chloe, while I started to drive again. "we need to drop by my place for a while" She said, my heart on the other hand began to race up like hell. "Why?" I asked couriously. "I told you, you need to help me choosing what dress Im going to wear" she explained. "Why won't we just buy a new dress?" I asked. She thought about it "we could, but I buyed these dresses yesterday so" she explained. "so? what if you find an amazing dress?" I said to encourage her to not go to her place to meet.. Liam. "No, I want to wear one of those I have at home I got them from the designer i told you about" she decided. I sighed silently "Okey, If you say so" I said, and smiled to her to let her know I didn't mind.

But she knew something wasn't right. shit. "Is everything ok?" she asked, while she were about to call someone. "Who are you calling?" I asked. "Liam" she said and gave me a grimace  I hoped I didn't blush or anything, but I wanted to let her know I wasn't cool with her calling him while she was hanging out with me. "Hi loser, are anyone at home?" She asked, after she shot some comments as usuall, she said "only you? ok good, well be right there" she explained. She looked at the phone with a look. "Why do you care who Im hanging with?" she asked, then she waited for answered. "Liam?" she said in a pissed off tone. "Liam?" She dropped the phone into her lap. "Why did he just hang up on me?" I wanted to know what he said to her, but I couldn't ask. But I did anyway. "What did he say?" she gave me a look, I could tell by side vision.

She held the look until she decided to write something on her phone. She stayed silent, until we came up to our house to find Liam standing outside. She jumped outside, while Liam was looking at me, She was talking to him. She shook her head and ran inside. I walked out of the car, and didn't bother talking to Liam. I locked the car, and went inside. and ran upstaris, through the hallway and into her room. "YOU!" she yelled. I turned and pointed at myself, I didn't bother talking because let me tell you, she was pissed. After she calmed down she asked "Are you breaking the rule?" she asked and starred into my eyes. What the heck am I supposed to say right now? 


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