Brothers are out off limits. Thats what she said.

She stumbled towards the kitchen as her phone dropped into the ground with a bang. "Hey Andrea" a dark voice sung into her ears, She looked into his brown eyes and his smirk was just growing. Is this whom I think it is? Liam stood there looking all sex god and everything. He walked even closer and closer. Her heart was beating faster. He was just one step away from a kiss. He bent down fast and grabbed her phone. He rised up. She could feel his hot breath. His hands burnt into her skin as he grabbed her arm. The phone was placed into her hands softly. She allready knew that this is a bad Idea. Her name was Andrea Evans. She had a besfriend who is THE player in this town. And her bestfriends brother, happened to be the 'Prince Charming' in this story named Liam. They flirted one night, obviosly and she felt bad. So she went to talk to Chloe to try to forget his gorgeous ass. Then out of nowhere: Chloe stands there in a dark corner. Flirting with the one and only: Mike. Her Brother.


2. People Always Leave ?

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My hands were shaking. My fingers curled up into a fist. I could feel the tears falling down my cheeks. "Tell me." I said. I hit him on his chest. "Why are you leaving me?" My voice was shaking. He welcomed me into a hug. He hugged me tight. "I love you, you know that" He whispered. 

We walked outside for a bit. To avoid the drama. I bet Mrs. Olsen is totally going to talk to me about 'That is no way for a young lady to behave' or 'We will talk about this later with your parents' etc. She acts like that because she's alone and that has driven her insane. She watches reality shows too much. What more can i say? I just don't know how My mom keeps up with her bullshit.

She kept her eyes on me. Her head was held high as her face expression, that was not good. Her eyes was threatening and locked on me. Mike pulled me closer to the exit, as we walked outside. 

"Don't Think about Grandma" He said stumbling. "She's just seen to much reality shows lately" he joked. I sighed. "That's not what I think about right now." I whispered. High enough for him to hear. "Listen!" He said with a little loud tone, he grabbed my arm. I backed away from him. "Stop" I barked. "Just tell me why" I whispered, I sent an Threatening face.

He looked at me tense. "Now you behave!" He barked. "I behave?" I laughed dry. "Your the one planing on leaving me without saying goodbye!" I barked and hit him as I cried. He threw his hands up in defense "Hey! I was-" "You had 3 weeks on telling me, You Son of a Bi*ch!" I hit him harder.

I didnt recognize someone walking into the room. "Are you sick of me? Are you tired of my Depression?" I shrieked  "TELL ME WHY!" I shrieked harder while i stood there hitting him. He curled me into a hug. He Whispered Sorry as he rested his chin on my head. While he looked behind me. "We got some company" He whipsered. 

I pushed him away. "Jerk, theres no one there" I growled and sniffed. I turned slowly and saw Chloe. Her eyes was locked on Mike. She was pissed off. It looked like she could turn into an actual hulk or something if i wouldn't been for Liam holding her back, she would have done something.

Thats when I saw Liam. His eyes was locked on mine. It looked like he was ready to catch me. My eyes couldn't seem to stop looking into his eyes. And for some reason, I wanted to be in his armes. Feel loved. Feel that someone is attracted to me. 

I shake my head lightly. What am I doing? This is pure evil. I mean here I am, Confused as hell because of my retard of a brother, who seem to forgot to tell something so big. And someone is clearly planing on some sorts of karma on me. Cause now Im feeling attracted to Liam. great.

His lips shaped into a smirk. What an ass. He is just enjoying reading my mind and everything. He is so planing on to mind fuck me. And he is never ever going to do that. Chloe would have killed me if she found out. He lost the grip to Chloe. She just shaked her head lightly over the situation, as her head fell down. Why is she even upset? She wouldn't have cared over this. If it were me she cared about, she would have dragged herself into our conversation and dragged me away from this mess.

Mike walked around to face me, he looked down on me "look" He took a deep breathe. "I never told you because I never knew how" He explained and before I could say anything "And you knew I applied months ago" he told me in defense.

"That's not the issue for f*cks sake!" I yelled. "When did you decide to leave?" I hit him once more. He shaked his head lightly and threw his hands up in the air "I didn't even know I got in before" "before when?" I barked. He tried to speak up, but I didn't know how. "Oh my god, I know now" I shaked my head. "You wanted me to go on this trip, so you wouldn't feel sorry for leaving me behind" I cried "Or something fucked up like that" I bit my lip.

I could tell Mike wanted to say something, anything. "Stop" I threw my hand up, to stop him from saying anything or hugging me. "Im disappointed in you" I said cold. 

I lifted my head as I walked away from this, this mess. My head was empty, My heart was heavy and I had no tears to cry out.  I took a deep breathe and continue walking. Not caring that Mike was calling my name in the background. 

I begin to run, I ran into the toilet and fixed my make up. Suddenly Chloe came in. I saw her in the reflection in the mirror. Her head tilted to the side. "Do you need help with that?" she asked with a smile.

Even tho she is the biggest player on my school, she sure knows how to make me feel cheer up. When my brother wasn't there, my best friend was. But now, I will only have her. And she isn't like my brother.

A tear begin to crash down my cheeks. I hulked "I need your help" I laughed as I cried. She laughed of me and hugged me tight. Her tits came almost in my face, I backed back. she looked confused down on me. "Your tits were in the way" I cried. She just laughed. "Im sorry," she laughed with her ultimate come-and-get-me laugh. The one laugh I CANT stand. I love my best friend, but that fake laugh of hers, is killing me.

I jumped up on the bench and sat ready, Laughed with her. Trying to ignore it. She took up her mascara and applied it for me. I was just sitting there doing nothing. Sometimes, just sometimes. I feel like were sisters. Its nice.

Suddenly her phone vibrated, "oh" a smirk was placed on her face. She always did that. She had special message tunes for 'her' boys. Her boy Toys. ew. I dont know. something. I didnt even bother to ask, suddenly her smirk turned into a cold face. "Who is it?" My curosity was growing. I tried to hold it back, but its useless.

She tapped hard on the phone, massage back. "assholes are so last year" she mumled to me. She looked up on me, And could sense my curosity. "Why do you care?" she asked as she took out her lip gloss. She applied it gently.

I jumped down, and laughed dryly. "You know I dont, But I can tell when something isnt right" I told her. She stopped up and looked down into the sink. "You know our rules, right?" She asked me in a little sad tone. I stole her lipgloss and applied it "yeah, why?" I posed a little in front of the mirror. "Have you broken our rules?" I sighed and looked a little angry on her, before I laughed it off.

She laughed also. She shaked her head "I'm Just making sure" I turned my head to her. Trying to keep my face as I gave her the lip gloss. She knew about Liam flirting with me? No, That could not be it. "Wait, what?" I gave her a look. like a wtf-look. "You know Im the last person to break our rules" I reasured her. She took her lip gloss and held it tight.

She is blonde and a 'hot mess' as some boys call her. She always focus on one thing at the time. I know cause I have known her all my life. And I know She jokes around that she thinks my brother is, you know attractive. I cant believe it actually, because my brother is not her type at all. He is loud, funny and caring brother. She Is a Bitch, Player and rarely kind to others. Well, only me.

So In other words, This is not about me. Because then she would have said more than just 'Im just making sure', cause she would have been more specific. Duh. She is a bitch, she tells how it is. No excuses. That's just how she is. And now, she is hiding something from me.

"So, I'll see you around" She just said and totally cut me off. Wait. Why do I even care about her finding out about me and Liam? She doesn't know a thing. She was to busy looking at Mike. And by the way, there is nothing is going on between me and Liam. Nothing.

Wait, Is that the reason why she said it? Because she totally have been hitting in on with my brother? I shaked my head. No, She would never. That's not how she goes. She wouldn't have waited around for my brother come around, If she even tried to.. she would already had another guy in her mind the end of the day. 

a sigh was let out from my mouth. My eyes shot up. Did I just sigh over Liam? "omg" I whined and laid my head down on the counter. I raised myself up and shaked it off. "What the actual duck is going on" I barked to myself. and hit my self lightly under my cheek.

I was about to leave when Grandma spotted me. She half ran over to us. "Why are you two here?" she aksed a little confused. She looked around and guided me and Chloe away. I noticed she dropped something, But I ignored it. Chloe just laughed silently off her, she was at least entertained. "You two are missing out on everything! And Andrea!" she shaked her head, 

"What an outrageous performance you did in there!" She barked at me. She walked closer to me "That is not how a lady should behave!" I glanced over to Chloe, she was totally making fun of grandma. I could not hold it, so I laughed hard. "You! That is not a way to treat your grandma!" She barked.

I just laughed more and more. Chloe as well. "You know this is not over, and you two are coming right this instant." She barked and took our hands and guided us into the big hall. I turned fast and looked at where she was coming from, And I saw something in a little bottle, there was something white on the floor. What was that? I couldn't see that well because Grandma was constantly pulling me away.


Seriously after two hour long dinner, witch was boring as hell. Chloe did nothing else but to talk. Liam was just sitting there calm and talking with my asshole of an brother.  I am going to admit that I wanted to flirt with Liam, witch was and is driving me insane. Mike was trying to be funny and at the same time to cheer me up. I felt like Grandma was always looking at me behind my back.  

So I went to the bathroom to look after that thing, But It was allready gone. When I came back there was finally a 'break'. All the men was rising up and were going to take a sigarette and stuff outside. Chloe and Mike was allready gone when I came back. But Liam was there, sitting and texting with someone.

I wanted to go over to him. But I chose not to. By the time I was about to turn around and heading out, Liam catch my eye. I panicked so I flirt-blinked to him. I frooze, and turned to the door. I walked out fast as I could. Why did I do that? I just flirted with him. And to be honest, that felt actully quiet good. A smiler came across my face. 

Suddenly I was with the Kitchen. I had just been walking forward. Thinking about how good I felt and I ended up in the kitchen. LOL. I sat down on a random chair. I looked around me, and some waitress came over to me. She had black hair and a beautiful brown face, "Excuse me your not really supposed to be in here" I raised up and told her "Its ok, I live here".

She frooze and apologized, "Im sorry, Miss Evans" she bowed, I shaked my shoulders lightly "Its ok, Just get back to doing whatever you did and you'll be fine" I smiled. She thanked me and went off. She could have gotten fired but, Im a nice person so what the heck. I looked in her pocket, and she was holding on something. It was that bottle!

I stumbled towards where she went, but she already was gone. I tried to find my phone inside my purse to call Chloe over here, But my phone fell out of my purse and into the ground with a bang. "damn" I muttred. "Hey Andrea" a dark voice sung into my ears, I looked into his brown eyes and his smirk was just growing. 

Liam stood there looking all sex god and everything. He walked even closer and closer. My heart felt like it was in my throat. My heart was beating faster. He was just one step away from a kiss. This felt so unreal in some sort of way, but the good kind. Dang.  

He bent down fast and grabbed my phone. He rised up. I could literally feel his hot breath crushing down my skin. His hands burnt into my skin as he grabbed my hand. The phone was placed into my hands softly.

I allready knew that this is a bad Idea. But I just cant help but wanting to kiss him, I have never felt like this. This feeling. Never. I wanted to know how it feels like when he is holding me tight. I blushed "Thank you".

He smirked and came closer and closer to me. He was just an inch away from kissing me. I freaked out and backed away. "What about-" I tried to stop him. But He had other plans in his mind.


What will happened next? Will Andrea go for a try with Liam? What about Chloe? What is going on with Chloe and Andrea friendship anyway, will they be able to talk about secrets and stuff? Or is everything changed? What about her Grandma, what was she really doing ? Was that drugs? 
What about Mike? Is he really going to leave Andrea behind, when she confessed about her secrets?

Allot can happen, If you stay tooned!
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