Brothers are out off limits. Thats what she said.

She stumbled towards the kitchen as her phone dropped into the ground with a bang. "Hey Andrea" a dark voice sung into her ears, She looked into his brown eyes and his smirk was just growing. Is this whom I think it is? Liam stood there looking all sex god and everything. He walked even closer and closer. Her heart was beating faster. He was just one step away from a kiss. He bent down fast and grabbed her phone. He rised up. She could feel his hot breath. His hands burnt into her skin as he grabbed her arm. The phone was placed into her hands softly. She allready knew that this is a bad Idea. Her name was Andrea Evans. She had a besfriend who is THE player in this town. And her bestfriends brother, happened to be the 'Prince Charming' in this story named Liam. They flirted one night, obviosly and she felt bad. So she went to talk to Chloe to try to forget his gorgeous ass. Then out of nowhere: Chloe stands there in a dark corner. Flirting with the one and only: Mike. Her Brother.


1. Home, Sweet Home.



The airplane was just landed. But unluckily for us there was a giant rock standing in front of the exit. It was an drunk 50 year old retard blocking the exit. He had for some reason, something against the captain.

The people who worked on the plane, were basically to weak to keep him back. And no one was aloud to come forward, so no one could really help. He didn’t listen to what they were saying. Retard. Quiet funny actually. The captain was locked inside. Lol. 

My ass was hurting from the landing. It also was pretty hot inside the airplane, because of the air conditioner was broken. So in other words: I could not wait to get out of this desert.

My long blond hair was sticking into my back. I curled it up for the second time in a messy bun. I grabbed my white singlet and waved it. There was so freaking warm in here. "Can we move yet?" I stood up and cried. I punched the seat in front of me. If it weren’t for the sake that I was almost boiling over of this heat, I swear I could have punched the dude out by myself. 

Mike pushed my head lightly "Easy Tiger, we are not the only ones who wants to go home" He chuckled. “No way” I said Ironic. “But why cant they just drug the dude out? I mean punch him or just throw him in a bucket or something?” I gravled. We were sitting in the first class so we got everything with us. I sat down with a sigh.

Mike Evans was my 19-year-older brother. We had spent 3 weeks in Croatia together for the fun. Because he was going to move out. After the summer vacation. So I wanted to enjoy this holliday.

I was 18, so I was legally aloud to drink alcohol in Croatia. We have had so much fun. Getting tan on the day. Eating dinner on restaurants 6 - 7ish. Some days we just stayed on the beach and took some drinks to chillax. Or I went on a shopping trip. I did that allot. It was fun! And Cheap! So I just, yeah. Shop til you seriously drop. We took some friends with us and went on amusement Parks or Concerts with awesome rock bands. 

I have two friends there from the last year. Jessica and Jordan, They are twins. How cool is that! And Mike have some friends named Chace and ‘JT’. They were friends of the family, so me and Jessica always talked online and stuff to keep contact. 

Jessica is funny and sweet. And Jordan is hot and gay. Too bad, because he really got an fit bum. Haha. But really, They are amazing people. So we basicly as a group were relaxing on some clubs with ragge and indie live music! Call me weird, but I love that kind of music.

We stayed on a 5 stars hotel, so breakfast was included and entertainment was at night. It maybe sounds a bit boring: Going on a 3-week vacation with your brother. But I tell ya: My brother's middle name was fun. So it was all good. And the best of it: He doesn’t hover.

We stumbled out of the airplane. No we almost run. We went to grab our bags but Georgina, our maid. Happened to allready grabbed them "Welcome back, Miss Evans and Mr Evans Jr" she Greeted. "Thank you, Its good to be back" Mike smiled. “You guys are really tanned! It must have been a real fun vacation” Georgina smiled politely. "Thank you Georgina, It really was!” I smiled. I’m just glad that I’m home.

“Did you happen to take all three bags?" I asked. "No, I only grabbed two. Sorry Miss Evans" She apologized. "ok, I can go and grab it" I said and walked over to the conveyor and took the big dark purple suitcase. "1, 2, 3!" I counted as I pushed it off the conveyor. I could hear Mike’s laugh in the background. The wheels on this suitcase was crap. 

We have had Georgina as long as I can remember. We come from a rich family, and lives in a mansion. Many people gaze at our house and tell me how lucky I am and etc. I am so used to live here, that I dont think about me lucky to live in this house. I am lucky to have such an amazing brother who almost practically raised me.

My fathers name is Don Evans works 24/7. He is a businessman, The most powerfull man in Rosewood. But My dad is one of the good ones, he is a great businessman unlike David Bachman. He is my dad's enemy. He is known for his big mouth, big money talking and an asshole. My dad keeps his Family-life hidden and safe. And That, I am greatfull for. David has a daugther, named Brittany. And she struggles with drugs and alcohol. She's only 13.

My mom Louise Evans is a wedding planer head leader. She is a very busy woman, I tell ya. She has gone trough allot, so she at times got very good edvice when it comes to life. My mom should share her quotes and maybe make a book out of it. She is a genius. Even though her taste in clothes are totally different than mine.. she is actually cool. 

"Come on, Andrea!" Mike yelled. My suitcase had  "The Limo is not going to wait forever!" He cried as he sat down on a random bench. Waiting on me. I had to buy another suitcase because I had to much clothes in the other one. 

Mike had no plan in helping me, as a punish for buying to much clothes. He thought it was amazing that I even have found so much clothes. What can I say? Im a girl, and girls are supposed to buy clothes. The end.

I dragged my big suitcase after me as I stumbled out of the door. Mike walked beside me, dragged with his suitcase. Like it was just easy lifting a feather. We walked out from the airport and was welcomed by our servant; George. I gave him my bags. and walked into the Limousine.

"Yeey, This airconditioner actually works!" I cheered. Mike chuckled "congrats sis!" I pointed my tounge at him as I sat down and offered myself with some water. The limo started to roll, and after 4 mintus with queue we were on the highway. I just could not wait to get home, and hug my mom. I missed her crazy laugh.

I laid back and my sweet black 'Beats by Dr. Dre' and turned up some dubstep. I love them. So I kinda buyed one also in Purple, White and smal ones. The smal ones, I think was designed by Lady Gaga. So I just kind of had to. Im a music person. I need music, everywhere I go. 

After ten mintues or more. I began to recognize my neighborhood. We rolled up the hill and through the fence that was hugging our propperty. We came to our security box, The man let us through with only one glance. Only those who have an apointment with one of the family members can enter. We pass our parkinglot, there was room for at least 200 cars. So that was cool. for some people. IDK.

We drove up on our famous bridge, and over the little river of ours. We saw our beautiful home. I felt my smile grow even bigger and bigger. I pushed off my headset as I entered the real world. I stepped out of the car and took a look at my beautiful home. Im happy to live in this beautiful home. It was my Grandfather who designed this home. Every room and floor. He passed away last year. So Im happy to live in this place. It reminds me of the good times we shared.

"Andrea! My Darling!" My mom cried. She attacked me with a hug. "I have missed you so much!" She smiled. Even my dad was there to greet me. "I missed you too, mom!" I smiled. She grinned as she patted my hair. She backed away from the hug. "let me through!" Dad grinned, "come here, my Sweetheart" he hugged me. "Hi dad, I missed you" I grinned and kissed him on his cheek. Mike came along afterwords and my parents gave him a hug. My mom practically choked the poor guy. I bet she is not looking forward when he moves out. Not me either.

"But seriosly, My darling!" My mom focused on me. "What are you wearing?" She grabbed my shirt. "Do not insult my coming-home outfit!" I laughed serious. I looked down. I was wearing an lousy baggy pants, with an dark singlet with a wolf on it. My favorit shirt, It used to be dad's shirt. "This is my favorite shirt!" I laughed. "Do you still have that thing?" My dad asked, and talked about his younger days. "I know dad, Im wearing it because I love it and you." I said cheesy and grinned.

"But seriously, my dear! Did you not get my massage?" She asked seriously. "What massage?" I took up my phone. "My Phone is dead?" I showed her. She nodded in disapointment. "I wanted you two to dress quiet nicely! Is it really that much to ask for?" My mom said and crossed her hands. "Luckly, I brought you a nice dress that I think you are going to like!" She dragged me after her.

"But mom!" I cired. "No! I promise!" She grinned. "This time, This time Im sure of it!" She smiled. urgh. This does not sound good at all. "What is going on anyways?" I stopped up. "It's a suprise!" She grinned and continued walking. "Oh, dear. Are you and Grandmom throing a party for me and Mike?" I guessed. she stopped up. Turned around slowly and scratched easily back on her neck. "Mom. You know I can read you like an open book." I said casually, "Just come along, my dear?" she said. I sighed and went along with it. 

We took the elavator to the 3rd floor. We walked into my room, She almost runned into my walk-in closet. I followed and was just hoping the dress was not baby pink or green. I do not like those colours, and something without flowers.

There it was. In the middle of the room. My mom grinned proudly. A beautiful white dress, with brown belt in the middle. " I got a little help, but" I run over and my mom grinned "Do you like it?" she asked. "I love it!" I smiled and gave her a quick hug. 

I took the dress, and run into the bathrom. "I'll be right there, mom!" I sung. "Allright hon, I'll have to take care of something. Come into the hall afterwords, hon ok?" she knocked on the door. "be quick" She said. After a moment she was gone. I threw off my clothes and took a shower, as I took on my beautiful dress. After 20 minutes I was ready. 

I took the ellivator down, and was welcomed by my bestfriend Chloe Vandeviere. She had light blond hair and was wearing a pink dress. I have known her since I was 5 years old. We have gone through ups and downs, but we are still good friends. "Hello Bitch!" She grinned. "Hello slut!" I smiled back. We shrieked and hugged eachother. Telling each how much we missed eachother.

"I love your heels and your dress!" She grinned. "Thanks!" I grinned and looked on her dress "You look hot, babe!" I laughed. "Awe gee thanks!" She threw her hair back and posed. "But listen, we have to go into the hall, hon" She took my hand, and dragged me after her. 

When I walked into the hall, and I could see all my and Mike's friends and family. "Welcome home Mike and Andrea!" everyone cheered. "And congratulations Mike!" Everyone said afterwords. They clapped and we hugged and greeted people. I was not suprised though. Even tho, Why did they say 'congratulations mike'? I was going to ask Mike, but he was already gone.

My focus shifted on how beautiful it was in here. I wonder who decorated it all. There was red curtains covering the windows from the moonlight. It was then I could feel someone stare at my back. Chloe was talking to someone, but my attention seem to be somewhere else.

I turned casually. My eyes met Liam. I froze. Is that Liam? Sweet baby jesus, he was even hotter than I could remember. He was gone for a year, an exchange student or something. I could not remember clearly. Because my attention were somewhere else. His warm eyes were glued on me. He smiled to me, and blinked flirtaiously. I could not help my self for thinking about how hot he was. I blinked back. Dang. I probably shouldn't have done that. His light brown hair. His fine Lips. His everything. He bite his lip and checked me out. My cheeks turned red, My heart started to beat faster. What's happening to me? I Iooked down nervosly.

"Damn, I bet he noticed that" I whispered to myself. I probobly looked like a fool. But, I have known him for ages, so why did I blush for all of a sudden? And why right now? Why him? Why me? Oh God this is wrong. Hes My bestfriend's brother. I can't brake the promise we made to exactly avoid family drama. And this will only leave to drama, I could tell. But My body wanted some other things. No. It was curious. Very curious. I wanted to know how it felt like to taste his lips. ANDREA! STOP. I think I must go. I looked up, and he was gone.

"Are you blushing?" Chloe bumped into me. I turned around and said the first thing that came to my mind. "No, I Dont know what your talking about!" I laughed and scratched the back of my neck. She just shaked her head, and tried to find what I was looking at. Then she just laughed at me and called me for a perv. Before her focus shifted quickly on some random guy. She is a player. In some situations, It comes to handy.

I walked over to grab some punch. My eyes were looking for someone. why did I look for someone? There was people cheering behind me and talking about Mike, so I walked curiously over to them. "What are you guys talking about?" I asked with a smile. Mike Froze.

"Oh, about how lucky Mike is to go on London University!" one said. "Yes, and get an education and become a real Lawyer" another said. Mike stood there and didnt know what to say. "Im confused" I stumbled out. I knew about Mike and becoming a lawyer. I knew he was going to move out but, "Wait." I think I was Getting the picture now. "Are Mike moving to England?" I asked. Everyone froze, and leaved with an awkward silence.

Then I looked up to my dear brother, Who I was really glad to have. "I-" He stuttred out. "I was-" He stumbled in his words. "I thought-" He scratched his head lightly. He was really nervous. And his voice was shaking. Was I such a terriable sister that he wanted to move away? Was I pain in the ass? Did he get sick of 'raise me'? Did he hate me that much, that he only wanted to escape? I thought we were like bestfriends.

To find out what was going on, I asked the only question that was blocking my mind. "Why?" 




Sooo! What do you guys think? I know this was not the best chapter.. But I had to write this to shape the story better :D

In the next one; More things will come! What do you think will happened next? What about the hunk Liam? Her bestfriend Chloe, Is she a threat? Her brother is moving away, and why in the heck didnt he tell her about it while they were in Croatia? Werent they close anymore? Did he tried to move away without saying anything to her?

stay tooned! <3

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