Brothers are out off limits. Thats what she said.

She stumbled towards the kitchen as her phone dropped into the ground with a bang. "Hey Andrea" a dark voice sung into her ears, She looked into his brown eyes and his smirk was just growing. Is this whom I think it is? Liam stood there looking all sex god and everything. He walked even closer and closer. Her heart was beating faster. He was just one step away from a kiss. He bent down fast and grabbed her phone. He rised up. She could feel his hot breath. His hands burnt into her skin as he grabbed her arm. The phone was placed into her hands softly. She allready knew that this is a bad Idea. Her name was Andrea Evans. She had a besfriend who is THE player in this town. And her bestfriends brother, happened to be the 'Prince Charming' in this story named Liam. They flirted one night, obviosly and she felt bad. So she went to talk to Chloe to try to forget his gorgeous ass. Then out of nowhere: Chloe stands there in a dark corner. Flirting with the one and only: Mike. Her Brother.


12. comfort.

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My eyes couldn't leave the page. I grabbed the magazine and read it out loud: "Marline Evans needed a little break, so she took a vacation to the Rehab?". What the actual fuck. I shake my head, threw the magazine on the table and rolled my eyes. "Like I said; She is a drama queen" I explained. "She is still waiting for her thrown, you know" I barked. "Andrea, This is your grandma and you can't change that!" I shake my head and defended "Watch me!" I turned around and looked at mom. "Mom, she is a bitch, a drug and alcohol abuser! She made my brother suffer for 7 years" I barked and looked mom straight in her eyes. "I am never, ever going to forgive that bitch" I explained simply "She can go talk big all she wants, but if she even thinks about hurting-" Mom raised up and said out loud "I am angry with her too, I threw her out, remember?" She explained and sighed. She walked towards the sink. "But I thought dad?" I never thought mom would do something like that to her precious mom? She was about to take the dishes into the dishwasher when she stopped up and looked at me "You must not talk about whats going on to anyone besides Me or Dad, ok?" I nodded and walked over to the fridge. 



After that awkward breakfast with mom, I ran up to shower and change clothes. For once I felt not like I was on a autopilot. And I was honestly greatful for that, but let me tell ya. The thoughts about this whole thing is slowly starting to make me realize what just happened last week. That's when I ran into dad. "Hi dad!" I smiled, "Hi, we need to talk about something" he said and looked at seriously. "Listen, I know about grandma" I explained. I honestly did not want to talk about that bitch anymore, because if I do, I will break something or someone. "No, its not about that" he explained. I froze, I knew slightly what is was about. It was about my brother who is currently in jail. My dad had been working overtime to try to solve this case, and the meeting was yesterday. My mom seemed calm, so I hope something good came about of all his work. I believe in my dad, but this case is not what he usually works with. "I have just talked to Mike's lawyer and" I waited for the answer. My brain was put on pause. I starred at his face, and just waited.

waited, for once the time stopped. I could breathe and think. Even though I would be grateful if there was a on/off button on thinking. Ever since the episode with CSI in my home, I have been talking about this to so many times to our lawyer and CSI, and the case was effecting all of us. I haven't sat down yet and thought about what I feel about this because I haven't realized the reality yet. Everything froze and I felt like a zombie for this entire terrible week. It have been effecting my family so bad, I cant explain what I think or feel. Because I have no clue myself. Everything happened so fast, and this week have flown by so I really have no idea where to put my thoughts. 

"We came to the solution that the best thing for Mike now, is to go to a Rehab centre" he explained and sighed. "Its for the best for him, and we want him to get clean and not let him take the wrong road on the path he's on his way too." He nodded and sighed calmly. "I need more coffee" he mumbled, he starred into the blue. You could see the black rings around his eyed. "Dad, how long?" I asked and looked up to him. "a year." Suddenly the reality hit me with a rock. I fell down and the tears started coming out. "Andrea, my dear!" he said and sat down next to me. "come here" he said and I sat next to dad. "You have blocked your feelings, again" he said and sighed. "I understand why you do it, because I have a tendency to do it myself" he explained. I listened carefully on his words. "Never block your feelings and thoughts in any hard situation, you'll suffocate yourself" he said and clapped on my back friendly. "Like Mike did?" I aksed. "Like Mike did, thats why he need help to find his way again" I nodded. "I'm just happy he gets help and not get's to be in a prison" I breathed out. I let my shoulders sink. "This is the best thing we can do for him, right now" he explained.

I nodded "your'e right" I smiled and dryed my tears away. "go and take a shower and relax today okay?" He said to me and helped me up on my feet. "I think we all need a little time off today, but later today I will drive Mike to deliver him some clothes" he said and looked at me. "do you wan-" before he could say anything I finished his sentence "yes" I nodded. "I need to join" I said. "but we can't talk for long, I fixed a meeting for 15 minutes" he explained. "He is on his way to the best rehab centre in the country, and it's very strict" he explained. "I understand, I just need to hug him" I said and looked at my feet. "I understand, we leave after dinner" he said and clapped on my shoulder and left. "Thank you dad" I said, he turned around "no problem, my princess" he smiled and left. Finally I could breathe, Finally I got the feeling that everything will be ok. Everything is going to work out. 


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