What will happen between Lilly and Zayn, will they fall in love, end up hating each other or just stay friends. 


1. Meeting Zayn

I was standing in the hall way talking to my best friend when I felt a locker shoved into my back "ow!" I exclaimed as I turned around, they're right in front of me was Zayn Malik from One Direction "Hey your..your Zayn..Zayn Malik!" I said, he just walked away he didnt even say a word was I invisible?, I turned around "Hey Macey did you just see that?" I asked "yeah Zayn Malik from One Direction!" she exclaimed "and..and he totally ignored me" I said sadly as I felt a tear come to my eye, the one guy on the earth that meant so much to me and he totally ignored me, the bell rang "bye Lil I gotta get to class" said Macey as she patted me on the back and rushed off. I got my books from my locker and quickly rushed to class, as I walked through the door I bumped into someone and dropped all my books, I looked up and noticed it was Zayn again, he just walked to his seat without even saying sorry, I picked up my books and walked to the only seat left next to a girl named Gem "hey" I said as I sat down "hi Lil" she replied, so I'm not invisible I thought to myself, class went by fast but all I could think about was Zayn. After class I walked to my locker getting my books for the next class, "Hey....Hey Zayn" I said as I tapped him on the shoulder, "Oh hi" he said as he turned around, "why have you been ignoring me?" I asked "what?" he said "well this morning you smashed me in the back with your locker  door and didn't say anything then you knocked my books out of my hands and not one word I heard you say" I said "oh I'm so sorry I've had my earphones in, so all the girls don't defen me" he said "oh, I'm sorry then" I said as I walked away "hey your the only person that has treated me like a normal person today, it's sort of nice to be around someone who isn't a crazed fan" he said relieved, "can you help me find my next class?" he asked "uh yeah where are you heading?" I asked "uh......English" he answerd "so am I" I said "oh cool" he replied "it's just this way follow me" I said as I walked towards the stairs, I walked down the stairs and tripped  Zayn caught me just as I was about to fall, "Thankyou I'm a bit clumsy" I said as I looked up to him "are you okay?" he asked "yeah fine Thankyou" I said again "it's okay" he replied. "so what's your name?" asked Zayn "Lil well it's actually Lilly but everyone calls me Lil" I said as I looked down at my watch, "uh Zayn we better be quick" i said as we hurried to class we got there just before the bell rang, I sat up the back next to a girl named Loralee and Zayn sat next to me, class went by fast, I walked out to the hallway. "Hey Zayn do you wanna sit with me?" I heard all the girls asking Zayn, "Hey umm Lilly can I sit with you?" asked Zayn "uh yeah" I replied, I couldn't believe it, he just asked to sit with me. We walked to the cafeteria and I saw Macey sitting at a table with my three other friends Lottey, Malaynee and Felyce, we walked towards the table, "Hey guys" I said as I sat down, "Oh my gosh someone said you were here but I would've never believed it" said Lottey excitedly as she looked at Zayn "well here I am" replied Zayn, Felyce was just sitting there she didn't mind One Direction but She was more interested in Justin Bieber, "Za..Za..Za" mumbled Malaynee as she stared at Zayn. After we'd  had something to eat, me and Zayn headed towards the garden, "so what are your interests and stuff?" asked Zayn "well I like Dancing and One Direction and yeah, I'm a bit sporty I'm good at swimming" I replied "that's cool" he said "yeah I guess" I said as I sat down on the garden chair, "THERE HE IS!!" I heard a whole lot of girls scream, all of a sudden lots of girls started running our way. "Zayn I'm scared" I said "it's ok, they wouldn't hurt us" he said, "hey Zayn can you autograph my shirt" I heard a girl say "Zayn do you wanna hang out after school" said another as they swormed around us, "Hey guys I just want to be a normal student!" yelled Zayn as he walked off, "Zayn, are you ok?" I asked as I followed him, "I just want to be normal, to go to school and not have all the girls in the class stare at me and pass notes to me" he said as he turned to look at me all I did was stand there.
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