Fate of the Esslings

Nat was an essling. A native of the Runespan. He saw, feared and hated the humans who leeched his brethren to death. No-one seemed to care but Nat was determined to escape and to live. One female human however was determined to capture him for her own ends. Will Nat survive?

This is a Runescape MMORPG FanFiction written for the 'Runescape: Write your adventure' challange from Wednesday August 22, 2012 until Sunday September 30, 2012.

It is a type of backstory for the reason for the Runespan and essbeings in it, explaining why humans can kill them without them fighting back.


4. True Escape?

Nat gave a great sigh of relief as he escaped the solid again. The pain in his chest worried him but much more pressing now was the need to get out of here, the presence in his head quite agreed. Quite by chance, Nat had ended up on the most dangerous yet wonderful island of them all. The Island where a Wizard Finix, one of four, was teleporting humans to and from a place called ‘The Wizard’s Tower’. Nat decided that anywhere was better than his current realm, but how to get there? After much observation of the humans he eventually leapt at one who was just about to be teleported, fastening the baggy blue shoulder-tail in his jaws. He was spun away out of Runespan, the first essbeing ever to leave.

The human he had attacked gave an unmanly shriek of shock as they arrived, and stumbled into the Wizard Finix who was guarding the portal to Runespan. Nat was off down and out of the tower before either human could react.

This new world frightened Nat. There was nothing even similar, the ground felt strange and was damp and the air tasted of strange and horrible things and worst of all: humans were everywhere. Nat was starting to deeply regret ever leaving his home as he stopped in an area of land with strange things growing everywhere, like the vines the Earth and Water esslings devoured back home or the large thing under the hole he fell down. Nat dimly recognised that as a larger, less edible type of vine. They darkened the world in a frightening way to a being whose world had always been a uniform shade of pink and purple with a dash of turquoise threaded through the rocks. All this fear and excitement was making Nat hungry but unfortunately for the essling, these trees in Draynor village too were inedible.

While Nat was exploring, Wendy was off talking to her equally disreputable accomplice, a high level crafter who had been a construction master in another dimension before being sent to this world in disgrace, where construction was nigh-on impossible, as a punishment for bullying and cheating at his trade. Bangers, the half-dwarf, was willing to help build a cage to hold an essling as long as he got 1 million gp over time from Wendly’s high alching and selling runes or whatever. Wendly had impatiently agreed, her only concern was for runes at the moment, money could come later. It gave her time to work out how to cheat him anyway. Together they started the cage.

A frightened and confused Nat inadvertently stumbled across a vicious group of humans and, surrounded and desolate, he shut his eyes and waited to be leeched dry. Instead he was astonished to feel his essence splitting to let a long silver thing wielded by a male human- a sword, the presence supplied- slip through his body harmlessly. The guards were even more surprised to see that they couldn’t hurt this thing; they could even harm ghosts so what was this otherworldly creature? With terror, they fled. After a few seconds Nat smiled as he realised something: not all humans knew how to kill him, here he was safe.

Even as Nat was rejoicing, Wendly and Bangers were finishing the cage and imbuing the bars with numerous spells, the runes for which she bought at great expense from the Wizard’s Tower as the Grand Exchange was only for Adventurers, another unfair bias, and the keeper of the Magic Shop in Varrok hated her. That wasn’t fair either! She only stole a few death runes! But he was so mean about it that she’d never pay him back now! The spells she cast she created herself and, as a finishing touch, Wendly added a water pool at the bottom to feed the essling, water was the easiest to control and the least dangerous, anyway she’d always had an affinity with water spells.

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