Fate of the Esslings

Nat was an essling. A native of the Runespan. He saw, feared and hated the humans who leeched his brethren to death. No-one seemed to care but Nat was determined to escape and to live. One female human however was determined to capture him for her own ends. Will Nat survive?

This is a Runescape MMORPG FanFiction written for the 'Runescape: Write your adventure' challange from Wednesday August 22, 2012 until Sunday September 30, 2012.

It is a type of backstory for the reason for the Runespan and essbeings in it, explaining why humans can kill them without them fighting back.


7. Epilogue - What Happened to Wendly?

Although Nat was rewarded, what happened to the scheming Wendly and the greedy Bangers? Guthix cursed Bangers to never be able to construct or craft again but Wendly needed a much more subtle punishment. Guthix quietly appraised the Duke of Lumbridge, the King of Varrok and the White Knights of Falador as well as all the Wizards of Runescape of her crime and they converged upon the little house with the large dungeon. They would never have risen to help a mere beast but for the intervention of a God, it set them thinking. Bangers sold her out instantly, the coward that he was, and the Powers of Misthalin decreed punishment.

 For the rest of eternity Wendly would be condemned to craft runes and work for money and goods, but whenever an adventurer- the craft for which she held the most resent for-, a witch or a wizard cried out in need for runes she would be teleported to them and forced to give up her earning without complaint. This was a much harsher version of the spell she inflicted upon Nat but for her cruelty and lack of compassion all thought it fitting. The ache in her chest would never fade, her hunger never satisfied and her exhaustion never remedied. She was cursed to always relinquish the fruits of her labours whatever they may be: ores, gems, runes, fish, herbs, gold pieces-for her greed; forever giving. And so the most ingenious and heartless of all Wizards, Wendly EssenceThief, was banished from the  eleventh dimension to where she had always wished to be, the second dimension. Here she could imbue cosmic, chaos, nature, law, blood, death and astral runes to her heart’s content yet never be free to use them.

Across the realm she was heralded as a saviour, a blessed being (though really she was cursed, and this pleased Guthix’s balanced sense of humour greatly) the one who would give runes to the needy, money to the poor, food to the sick. For many it would have been an acceptable sacrifice for the praise and gratitude, but for Wendly who lived off having more and being better than any other and who scorned helping others, it was even more of a punishment. She became even more bitter and cruel on the inside all the while forced to give a pleasant façade.

If the female Wizard had ever learnt to be generous, to release her greed and to feel pleasure in helping others then she would be freed. It may yet happen, even though it hasn’t yet.

But I doubt it.

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