Fate of the Esslings

Nat was an essling. A native of the Runespan. He saw, feared and hated the humans who leeched his brethren to death. No-one seemed to care but Nat was determined to escape and to live. One female human however was determined to capture him for her own ends. Will Nat survive?

This is a Runescape MMORPG FanFiction written for the 'Runescape: Write your adventure' challange from Wednesday August 22, 2012 until Sunday September 30, 2012.

It is a type of backstory for the reason for the Runespan and essbeings in it, explaining why humans can kill them without them fighting back.


5. Dying

It took the despicable duo just over a week to fully make the cage and in that time Nat was feeling worse than ever. Although the weapons of Runescape could not harm him there were a few wizards and Runecrafters who had recognised him for what he was and leeched from him. However air essence seemed the least sought after so when in that form the humans gave up the chase quickly. Nat understood the irony that with the ability to change into any race, he was safest in his original form. Nevertheless, although little could harm him, little could also help him. Nothing from that realm was edible to an essling and although he could eat carelessly discarded runes and rune or pure essence there was not enough to sustain him.

By the time Wendly activated her beacon to teleport her to Nat’s side he had already collapsed and was close to death by starvation. His mind reverted to a primitive state he wouldn’t have been able to move if it wasn’t for Wendly’s compulsion in the spell. The astral essence in him translated the meaning of the words of her rather distressed coaxing claim that she had food if he’d just follow her. They made a strange duo but no-one dared disturb the wizard and her beastie. Especially not that wizard.

Eventually they made it to Bangers’ dungeon; he built it himself as any Construction master could boast. Wendly breathed a sigh of relief when, after throwing him in the cell, Nat laboriously changed forms to a water essling and started to eat. Wendly was too self-centred to find relief from the fact that Nat was to be alright, her only worry was that her free rune supply would die making all of her hard work and the spending of all her money on rune essences worthless. Seeing Nat recover, the poisonous pair retired upstairs to discuss business.

After he had recovered Wendly started to leech Nat, she forced him to change form by changing the food source so he would have to change to ear and attacking him with spells to induce hunger until he complied. She always drained 9 essences then waited three seconds for his body to replenish itself before draining him again. Nat constantly felt exhausted and seriously ill from the strain, his body wasn’t designed for that torment. Maybe in Essterra-the Runespan- he could have survived but in this harsh world where even the air, his vassal, was against him he wasted away. Greedy Wendly saw this but, not understanding the reasons, she simply drained him more and more, to get the most out of her prisoner before he died.

Finally, at the urging of all his essences, the wisdom of the astral essences saying anything would be better than this, and the presence’s encouragement, Nat started to slip away…then suddenly grabbed back to life with all his strength! It was only when the soothing voices of Astara and Astran, his friend and the prophet, the Astralhounds of his homeland told him to let go did he finally give up his tenuous cling to life. Nat faded away in a violent implosion which destroyed many of the runes Wendly had stockpiled. The last thing Nat heard was her cry of fury before the darkness of death overtook him.

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