Islander girl

Larah is a 16 year old girl living on an island. Not many people live there. Only about 400 people do. And it's not known on the map so it's a very lonely place. One day Larah is caught by surprise when 5 boys turn up on the island marooned from a storm. Larah absoloutely hates them. In her mind they are intruders of her peacefull life. As daughter of the leader these boys will be brought into her home. There is no way back to the mainland so they must stay. And Larah is given the job of teaching them their ways of life. Will romance and friendship blossom?


2. The Storm and the Intruders

That night as I got in my bed of moss and pulled my rag around me I shivered. It was freezing. The wind outside howled and the hut shook. My father wasn't back yet which I thought was strange. He was usually back by nightfall. I got out of my bed to investigate. My skin was purple and goosebumps had risen. I heard yelling from far away and I ran towards the sound. I came to the edge of the water and the sound stopped. I looked around but didn't find anything. I let it go and went to go to the Leaders Hut where my father probably was. I walked in and saw my father at his desk. His cheek resting on the wood. He had fallen asleep. I put my hands on his shoulders and shook him awake. "Come on father, time to go home," I said. He arose and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "I'm sorry, I got so caught up in my work. How late is it?" he asked. "Around 9 O'clock," I replied. He stretched his arms then got out of his sat. We walked home to our hut. Father got in his bed and fell fast asleep while I layed there staring at the ceiling. Soon I too fell asleep. The next morning I woke up early. I got dressed in white skirt and white singlet with some sandals. I grabbed my woven grass basket and headed to school. Outside was a wreck. Branches, ferns, flowers and rocks were strewn everywhere. As I walked down the beach I tripped over a large pile of sand and seaweed. I threw the seaweed back into the water and saw a piece of unknown fabric in the sand. I rubbed away the sand and uncovered more of the fabric. I rubbed away the sand and screamed in shock. It was a human. But this human was weird. It wore strange clothes and had weird skin. The skin was too soft, too smooth. I saw more piles and uncovered more humans. They were all boys. One had curly brown hair, another had blonde spiky hair, another had black and the other two had brown. We had never had intruders on our island and this scared me. I sprinted to the Leaders Hut and burst in on a meeting. "Father! There is intruders on our beach!" I yelled. Everyones eyes widened in shock It all went quite then everyone started yelling. "SILENCE!" My fathers voice boomed. The room went once again silent. "Lead me to these intruders," he ordered me. I led them all to the beach where I found the five boys. They were all huddled in a group talking in hushed voices. They looked scared. They were awake.

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