Islander girl

Larah is a 16 year old girl living on an island. Not many people live there. Only about 400 people do. And it's not known on the map so it's a very lonely place. One day Larah is caught by surprise when 5 boys turn up on the island marooned from a storm. Larah absoloutely hates them. In her mind they are intruders of her peacefull life. As daughter of the leader these boys will be brought into her home. There is no way back to the mainland so they must stay. And Larah is given the job of teaching them their ways of life. Will romance and friendship blossom?


4. The Ceremony

Sunday night had finally come around and the boys furniture had finally finished being made. I was in my hut getting ready for the Sunday ceremony. I dressed in my long white grass skirt and coconut top. Ceremony clothes. My shark teeth necklace digging into my skin. I painted long thick lines of white on my face with dry coconut milk in patterns. I walked out of the hut and to the large bonfire where the ceremony was to be held. Only a few people helped to set up the bonfire each week. My fathers helpers. Sanorbaria and Heidi were carrying large loads of wood for the fire. They set them on the ground in a large pile and set off to find more. Father was preparing the food. The tunas I caught on Thursday were in a large crate with a whole load of other fish which was to feed the tribe. Another large crate held all the fruit such as: coconut, berries and bananas. Once all the firewood was in place father got a horn and blew through it making a loud sound. That was the signal to come to the ceremony. The tribes people started showing up and sat around the fire. Once everyone had arrived and seated themselves my father lit the fire. This signaled the helpers to start handing out food. A helper handed me half a large tuna, some berries and a banana. The feast was scrumptious. The fish was juicy, the berries gave little bursts of flavour in your mouth and the banana was delicious. Once most people had finished eating the tribal band started banging on the bongos and shaking the maracas. That was the signal to get up and dance. We danced for hours. Twisting and twirling and clapping. Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry and Zayn were standing off to the side. They didn't know the dance. I sighed and went back to dancing. Once all the dancing was over we all sat back down. The people up th back trying to get nearer to the front near the warm fire. "SILENCE!" my father boomed silencing us all. "Tonight we are gathered here to acknowledge our ancestors. The past members of our tribe. We are here to thank the sky, the sun, the sea, and the gods for this wonderful feast. We now give them our silent thanks," he said. He gave us a breif moment of silence, meant for thanking, then carried on speaking. "Today we welcome Jaja, the newest member of our tribe. And we also welcome Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Harry to our island. Over the next few weeks they will be laerning our ways. How to speak like us, how to think like us and how to be like us. If they fail however to learn ou ways, then they will become outcasts. Shunned by us all. It will be Larah that teaches them our way. That will be all for tonight. You may go home if you wish or stay and dance," father announced. Most people left but a few of us stayed behind to dance. We danced all night until the ceremony was all packed up and the band left. I left to go home and snuggle under the covers of my bed.  

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