Islander girl

Larah is a 16 year old girl living on an island. Not many people live there. Only about 400 people do. And it's not known on the map so it's a very lonely place. One day Larah is caught by surprise when 5 boys turn up on the island marooned from a storm. Larah absoloutely hates them. In her mind they are intruders of her peacefull life. As daughter of the leader these boys will be brought into her home. There is no way back to the mainland so they must stay. And Larah is given the job of teaching them their ways of life. Will romance and friendship blossom?


3. Meetings

"Who are you?" My father asked in his commanding voice. The boys looked at him wide-eyed. "I'm H-Harry," the curly haireed boy stuttered. "Why are you here?" my father asked. "We were in a shipwreck," Harry replied. "What is a ship?" father asked. "A big boat. Where are we?" Harry answered. "We are on Nagora Island," father answered. "I've never heard of it," Harry said. "Where are you from?" Father asked suspiciously. "England," Harry replied. "You mean, your from out there?" I asked pointing to the horizon. "Yes," Harry answered. "There is no way off this island, you intruders, you do not know our ways, you must be taught in order to become part of our tribe. Do you wish to learn?" My father asked them. "Yes," Harry agreed solemnly. "You will start your training after the ceremony, in the meantime you can get settled in. Larah, show these boys their new home. One of the huts on the southern end," My father instructed. "Of course," I answered. I led the strange boys to the southern end of the island. This is where all the new huts were being made. I walked inside one of the finished ones. I turned to them and said "This is your new hut. Your furniture is not yet made. Tomorrow you can make it. For now you will have to sleep on the floor. Tomorrow you boys are to get up at dawn, got it?" "Yep," one of the boys answered. "What are your names?" I asked. "I'm Louis," the boy that just spoke answered. "This is Zayn, Niall, Liam and you already know Harry." I nodded and walked out the opening back to my hut. The next morning I got up before dawn and got dressed in a khaki pair of shorts and a white t-shirt. I grabbed my tools and walked to the boys hut. They were already up and awake. "Why are we up so early?" Zayn asked. "This is not much earlier than we usually get up," I said. His mouth gaped open. I ignored him and Niall asked "Are we gonna have any breakfast?" "We eat when we find food, so we will eat when we go looking for materials,"I answered. "Let's go, we need to get some tree bark and vines." I led them out the door and into the jungle. "Is there anything in there that can eat us?" Harry asked. "No but there is animals that can hurt us like snakes, spiders and sometimes the monkeys and chimpanzees, oh and be carefull of poisenous plants and the maneating flowers," I replied. The boys eyes widened and I laughed and kept going. After a while of walking through the jungle Niall asked "Can we look for some food?" "Alright but quickly," I said exasperated. We found some blueberries, bananas and edible leaves. We found a little clearing where we had lunch. Halfway through eating a banana I asked them "Why are you here?" "We told you, we were in a shipwreck," Liam said. "Sounds a little fishy," I replied eyeing them off suspiciously. "How?" Harry asked. "Because. We've never had intruders ever, never known what was beyond the horizon and all of a sudden you show up," I replied. "Maybe it was fate," Harry suggested batting his eyelashes at me. Louis all of a sudden shot  Harry an angry look. I didn't know why. I just ignored what Harry said. I didn't know what fate was and I wasn't about to ask. We finished our food and went looking for a tree to get some bark.We found the perfect tree and stripped it of all it's bark. We didn't even have to search for vines. They were everywhere. It was dusk when we got back to their hut. "I'm so hungry," Niall wailed. "How can you be so hungry? I'm never hungry at dinner," I said. Niall looked gobsmacked. "We havn't eaten since breakfast!" he exclaimed. "We don't eat lunch anymore, not enough time throughout the day. We just have breakfast and dinner," I told them. "OH MY GOD! How am I supposed to live without lunch?!" Niall yelled. I just laughed and said "Come on, let's go get some dinner," I said leading them to the sea to go get some shellfish.


sorry it took forever for me to post i've been writing a new fanfic about the hunger games. Sorry guys

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