Islander girl

Larah is a 16 year old girl living on an island. Not many people live there. Only about 400 people do. And it's not known on the map so it's a very lonely place. One day Larah is caught by surprise when 5 boys turn up on the island marooned from a storm. Larah absoloutely hates them. In her mind they are intruders of her peacefull life. As daughter of the leader these boys will be brought into her home. There is no way back to the mainland so they must stay. And Larah is given the job of teaching them their ways of life. Will romance and friendship blossom?


1. Life as she knows it

It was a usual Thursday morning. Sunny, pleasant, warm. For all my life i'd lived on this island. It wasn't very big. But it was home and it was beautiful. I got up and walked over to my box that held all my clothes. I put on a white thin dress that came just above my knees. I grabbed my spear and walked outside of my straw hut. I had the biggest on the island because my father was the mayor. The sand crunched under my bare feet and the hot sun beated on my shoulders as I headed to school. It was located inside the jungle but no more than a few metres deep. I walked into the large hut and sat down next to Zoe. My shell necklaces jingling as i walked. I sat on the moss and waited for the rest of our class to arrive. Today was hunting day. On Mondays we did academics, Tuesday we did tree climbing and swimming, Wednesday we learnt about ceremonies and rituals, Thursday we did hunting and Friday we did gathering. As the class gradually got here Miss Kahi led us to the beach. I had my spear in hand waiting for her signal so I could start to hunt. She told us to get to work and I went over to the rock pool. It was compulsory to spear at the rock pool for atleast half an hour, then I could spear in the ocean. In the rock pool I speared 5 tiny fish which would feed a baby for a day. Then I headed out to sea. I was probably a kilometre out. I had speared 3 large tunas when a felt an unatural ripple in the water. I froze praying it wasn't a killer fish. They were so large and deadly. Many of our tribe had been killed by it. The most deadly was the Great White killer fish. My legs were buckled from underneath me. I knew who it was. The animal started swimming, it was like I was gliding on water. Suddenly it stopped. I looked down at the cheeky dolphin that had scared me. I named her pearl when I was 12 because of the white patch around her eye. "You cheeky dolphin," I cooed. I petted her slippery, leathery skin and splashed her. "I have to go Pearl because im at school okay?" I said getting off her back. She squeked and swam away. I started spearing more fish until it was sunset. I waded back to my class and put my kills in the big crate of fish. It looked like the Sunday ceremony was going to be good. The crate was overflowing and dead fish were falling out of the crate. "You can all go home now," miss Kahi said as she carried the crate to the food hut. Zoe and I walked off down the beach and sat down on the sand and the water rushed to meet our feet. The wind whipped at our hair and black clouds loomed overhead of us. I knew tonight a storm was going to happen.

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