Which direction?

Alyssa has known 1D since their auditions on the x factor. But when she realises that 3 of the boys like her, she is left to choose which direction to go in...


1. On the streets

Alyssa P.O.V

I was wondering around the sreets of Manchenster when i saw this man and he looked exactly like Niall Horan from 1D! And thats what reminded me. I forgot to call them! You see 1D and I have been best mates since their auditions for the X Factor and after we went to australia together they gave me all of their numbers to call them whenever i felt like it and I COMPLETELY FORGOT!

I stopped wondering around and found a bench to sit on near a park. I got out of my phone and decided to call Harry - beacuse i had a major crush on him!

" Hello?" I heard him answer, "Who is this?"

"HARRY!!!" I exclaimed, " I haven't seen you in soooo long, we so need to catch up! Oh and btw it's Alyssa!"

"Alyssa, love! thank you for ringing!" He said sarcastically, a smile grew across my face, " How about today you meet us a Nandos for luch? We are in Manchester!"

" Yes! OMG! You never ever told me that you were in Manchester ! You little Dork!!" We both laughed and arrangged to meet up in about two hours at Nandos - Nialls favourite place to eat.


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