Is he the one?

Rachel has always been afraid to shine but when she meets One Direction everything changes.


2. Stage fright

Oh god help me we were right outside the door now and I seem to have forgotten how to breathe "name" the security guard growle. umm oh god I couldn't remember!! "Rachel,Rachel Rell" Lisa answered for me. "yes" I yelped "that's right! That's my name" The dog lady turned to glare at me one perfectly plucked eyebrow slightly raised and the old man looked as though he were having a heart attack whoops I could feel myself turning redder than a well red thing. "are you alright love" a moustache on legs enquired obviously trying not to laugh. Great, just great so far I was doing brilliantly this is why I don't sing dance or generally breath infront of people if i were him id be laughing at me to. "yes" I muttered I could feel myself choking up. Why was I such an idiot why couldn't I be normal or at the very least dead the security guard muttered something I couldn't hear through my cloud of shame and next thing I knew Lisa was pulling me excitedly through the door and someone i didnt have time to see was pushing a microphone into my hand and I was standing back stage staring blankly at a huge curtain that seemed to stretch forever. Oh god I was going to be majorly sick why was I doing this? " I can't" I said suddenly breaking the silence "Lis I can't please I tried to run away but there was nowhere to go you have to lis said but she looked worried I can't I just can't" I said my legs shaking " but this is your dream" more like nightmate "and I'll be right here I promise" lisa muttered soothingly hey that gave me an idea that just might work.
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