Is he the one?

Rachel has always been afraid to shine but when she meets One Direction everything changes.


3. Performance

I uttered the last note to complete silence and didn't dare open my eyes. Then the applause started,holy shit it sounded like a standing ovation but it couldn't be could it? I dared to open my eyes but I couldn't see past the curtain anyway that was stupid of me i guess and it didn't help much. I knew what would happen now the judges would give there scores then Lisa would thank them and walk off stage yes that was my master plan pathetic i know but i just hadnt been able to make myself get out there it was hard enough getting lisa out there in the end I had to push her on to the stage and hope for the best while expecting the worse. looks like or should I say sounds like it had turned out fine the applause died down eventually honestly i wouldnt have minded if it went on forever and I discovered much to my surprise that I was crying but I was happy weird. I never happy cry that's Lisa's thing and once Robbie's but that another story. The judges gave out there scores and Lisa walked off looking as if she was dreaming " crap they gave you 4 tens and a standing ovation" I clapped a hand to my mouth what I shrieked earning myself even more angry stares guess it was one of those days "I knew you were good but not that" She froze as if a horrible thought had just occurred to her "oh shit" "what" I said anxiously "the winning performance gets to open a concert for One Direction" so I said not catching on "sooo" she answered like I was thick that was you singing not me I stopped breathing and went into extreme panic mode what do we do I don't know lis was biting her lip anxiously I guess we'll just have to hope you don't win.
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