Is he the one?

Rachel has always been afraid to shine but when she meets One Direction everything changes.


4. Going home

Shit shit shit I muttered pacing " put a new record on would ya" lis growled at me "well what do you want me to do then hmmm" I yelled back "sit there and pretend there's nothing wrong" Im always cranky when I'm nervous "well this WAS all your idea" she shot back like I hadn't noticed. There was a solution and me and lis both knew it but neither of us wanted to say it because then we'd have to be good little girls and actually do something about it there was still half an hour to go but time was moving on and fast until I couldn't take it any more you know what we have to do dont you I said as lis looked up "yep" she said "drop out" I nodded shakily but now that it had been said it had to be done there was no way around it I was in a sentence the worlds biggest failure I'll do it now Lisa muttered standing slowly "I'm sorry lis this is all my fault" i said seconds away from making a total scene in a very posh building "no shit" she said finally smiling "but I shouldn't have made you come it's just as much my fault as yours" "hugs" I said smiling and she smiled back squeezing me tight come on let's go she said tossing me both of our bags and walking towards the desk I took one last look around before following her it was after all the only time I'd ever be here backstage might as well enjoy it "come on rach" lis yelled from the front door dammm that girl could move when she wanted to "cheer up" she whispered "come on let's get home maybe we'll even see the end of the show" she said punching me lightly trying to cheer me up yep just drop me off at loserville population 1 I muttered oh come on she said hoping in to her car it's me who should be complaining I'm the one who looks like a complete idiot on tv no less she said starting the engine well that's true I teased her smiling a little as I hopped in and we drove off "how about we just pretend it never happened" I said and she grinned at me "hey what are besties for!!"
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