Is he the one?

Rachel has always been afraid to shine but when she meets One Direction everything changes.


1. Intro

Hi my names Rachel I'm 19 years old and my dream has always been to be a singer unfortunately that is never going to happen unless by some miracle (or not) every person in the world went blind and couldn't see me singing. So why am I entered in the nations biggest talent contest? That's what I've been asking myself lately. In all fairness at the time it seemed like a good idea. It was late at night me and my best mate Lisa were hanging out just talking and she blackmailed me (in the form of telling my 16th century parents about Robbie) into signing her preprinted form. Write there and then. She knows me to well I guess and realized I would have refused if she waited till morning. I did try to get it off her but she made it to the post office before I made it to the mail box you could say I'm not exactly fit. Now here I am in a line that goes roughly 20 miles tired grumpy and freaking out,but mostly tired. Lisa dived back into line with the much needed coffee right then just about knocking out an old man with one elbow and a very small very angry poodle with the other that's Lisa for you slim blond big blue eyes and very very loud "sorry about that" she half yelled handing me a half full cup of coffee minus a lid "the line was humongous the shop assistant however was a complete babe" she said winking " the line I get" I said trying not to smile "how however did you manage to misplace half my drink and the lid?" "Ummmmm do you really want to know" she said grinning "nope" I replied smiling back.
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