The word,world & why all start with the W-word! my imagination is based on a boy who is banged by world ,a bozo who had always revived failure inspire of his herculious efforts. Success for him has become suck -*** .........
This book is based on how a normal mortal become superhuman.
No spider-man or any man stuff nor any magical harry potter just the will power changing him into the super human!


6. sweet memories

i picked it up, and this time i could find seriousness in he voice she was happy serious mood and thanked me and there was i going to ruin my life ........ one fact that i learned about this girl species that they don't trust anyone but when  they trust they trust blindly! This girl was  not of my type. she was  simple,kind,love and ever ready to help type and most importantly she was good acedmic record but still i was i love with her. I loved to talk to her...She also use to tell every thing about her day. she would offten ask me to sing a song 4r her and then in return sang for me! she would call me about midnight asking what had i eaten & how my days were passing! 4-6 monts passed

but there was a huge trouble the "x" which in physics generally mean distance.I felt like we where from dissimilar  planet although being on earth.I haven't even seen her even then i decided to spend my whole life with her. when i ask her to make account on fb and reveal herself but she said her brother would kill her and said she looks very bad,has wrinkle, pimple suffering from hair fall and what not.

Once my father sent me a some papers and asked me to summit them to new dehi"s head office. As the it was important i woke up early cached the train and reached there.When I told her about this she got hyper and asked me to meet her at coffieshop in gaziabad mall for she was comming Delhi that day for her her examination.it wass easy for me to guess the train for it was the last one direct from her hometown to Delhi.so i decided to give her surprise bu meeting at station. WWWOOW! i went in front of mirror  and tried hundred of dresses. And practiced how would i say those  three most important,special,shock giving words-I Like u sorry, I love u. I got ready and then found that train was late.so,first i went to the work. i came back threw those file and rushed for payment of my hotel room because i was almost 1 hour late. But when i came back after i5 min in my room! i heard some NOISE...!!  

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