The word,world & why all start with the W-word! my imagination is based on a boy who is banged by world ,a bozo who had always revived failure inspire of his herculious efforts. Success for him has become suck -*** .........
This book is based on how a normal mortal become superhuman.
No spider-man or any man stuff nor any magical harry potter just the will power changing him into the super human!


4. messed up!!

"The dead exist in past and i must tend to future"

so, i decided to move on!! But this small incident showed me how lonely and alone i was !! with in a fraction of second i got a thought of making a girlfriend. now i was spending more time at dating websites and parlors,gyms and shopping kind of stuffs but becoming a chick magnet isn't a easy stuff. i just can't understand where to start from .Everyone wanna be in relationship,be a last corner guy bashing her gf while the show time!!

on the occasion of my friends birthday we decided to go for  a  picnic to hills.My supy doupy smile fainted like anything when i encountered that all my friend where preoccupied by their girlfriends!! Even that thick lens boy!that bookworm had one! i felt melted !! Just like a baby who didn't had candy when others had............

i was sitting alone while they where busy with their darlings,sweetheart,apple pie or whatever... but that forced me to get a girlfriend .I straight away went to thick lense's sweetheart and offered her to her belly with me! {meaning dance! dirty minds}. Everyone were in shock.till they could recall .I took her hands and hold tightly.

"leave her u homo. she is't a boy'' i know this was thick glass.I tured around ,i coud see the agression on his face while stle of holding the stick revealed the agression of the body! I tured around and SLAP the girl got her move!!       oh diego pooh! that was a please do't stare\see me moment. then i got in serious fight with that couple! if killng was free they wold have hung me up by the balls of the unicorn.

Another day i started to go to my batches.Oh! not for studies but for girls to get one.   I wasn't ready to give up so early and easily... "LOOSER MAKES PROMISES WHILE WINNER MAKES COMMITMENT"

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